INCA announces first talent partnerships with Channel Mum and Sharper

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GroupM’s influencer marketing solution, INCA, has announced the launch of its talent partnership initiative, with Channel Mum and Sharper, as the first two signings.

The initiative marks an expansion of GroupM’s responsible investment commitments into influencer marketing and creating a simplified way to connect brands with influential online creators.

INCA talent partnerships

The undertaking kick-starts with a focus on representing diverse range of voices through Channel Mum, the leading female and family influencer marketing agency, and Sharper, an influencer marketing agency with expertise across a vast range of verticals from fashion to fitness.

INCA’s talent partnership offers verified partner status to premium creators in advance of brand campaigns, to streamline campaign implementation and provide advertisers the confidence to pursue the benefits of influencer marketing. 

The initiative is designed to create a diverse pool of high-quality talent and improve brand safety through trusted relationships, as well as increase the efficiency and scale of advertiser and talent relationships. 

All creators are vetted in line with GroupM’s stringent quality standards, via API integrations to report on brand safety and ad fraud data, to ensure INCA’s clients can be confident of collaborating with premium partners.

A number of General Mills brands have already run campaigns that benefited from the talent partnership.

Charlotte Hopper, Talent Partnerships Lead, INCA UK commented: “As a growing sector, influencer marketing offers advertisers the ability to connect with valuable audiences. 

“The mutually beneficial and transparent relationships this programme fosters will help the industry to mature, offer accountability, and create a responsible ecosystem. 

First talent agencies

“Channel Mum and Sharper are the first talent agencies we have onboarded as part of the verified partner programme, and we will be expanding the initiative in the coming months to create a pool of diverse and high-quality talent to work with on leading brand campaigns.”

“Niki Herring, Director at Channel Mum commented: “We are thrilled to be one of the first to partner with INCA on their talent partnership initiative. 

“With the number of influencers rising, the ability to differentiate premium talent, with a trusted and engaged following is vital and ensures brands can capitalise on the greatest ROI from their influencer marketing spend.”

Simon Barbour-Brown, Founder and Director at Sharper commented: “What sets our agency apart is the high rate of return business from some of the world’s largest brands. 

“We recognise that maintaining this advantage means retaining a diverse pool of trusted and talented creators who can step up to the high standards we set ourselves for influencer-led campaigns. 

“We’re confident this initiative with INCA will help us build on these valuable relationships with creators to ensure we can continue to deliver for our clients across a wide range of sectors.”