IMPACT+, Scibids unite to cut climate impact of programmatic ads


IMPACT+, the pioneer in measuring the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns, and Scibids, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) applied to media buying, have announced a partnership to reduce the environmental impact of digital campaigns purchased via programmatic advertising platforms (DSPs).

Today, digital services account for up to 3.9% of GHG emissions worldwide. As brands become aware of this reality, finding solutions to reduce these emissions is becoming an increasingly crucial part of their media strategies, the firms said.

The first step for brands is to measure the extent of these emissions, which is where IMPACT+ comes in. In a second step, brands that aim to reduce their carbon footprint can now tie in Scibid’s proven optimisation AI.

Scibids tackles climate impact of programmatic

Scibid’s value proposition is its AI’s ability to ingest external measurement data to tune bidding models directly in the buying platform (DSP).

Scibid’s personalised algorithms can then optimise towards specific media objectives such as Attention, Brand Lift, or duration spent on site.

By using the IMPACT+ measurement linked to programmatic campaigns, Scibids now has environmental KPIs in electricity consumption and GHG emissions.

The AI can automatically direct advertising investments towards the most environmentally friendly inventories and contexts in real time, and adapt to the performance of the campaign.

The combination of these two cutting-edge technologies promises a future for advertisers, who will be able to improve the environmental impact of their programmatic campaigns, by reducing emissions while maintaining an optimal level of performance in their investments.

“We are very proud to partner with IMPACT+, a recognised leader in measuring the environmental impact of digital advertising, to reduce the GHG emissions of our clients’ campaigns”, said Christophe Delaroche Vernet, Sales Director France, Scibids.

“At Scibids, we are convinced of the power of AI to drive effective and energy-efficient programmatic purchases, ultimately creating a more sustainable ecosystem.”

Vincent Villaret, CEO, IMPACT+, said: “This is a key partnership for the industry. The new possibilities offered by this partnership with Scibids, in terms of automatic optimisation of programmatic campaign broadcast is promising.

“It is an opportunity for our customers to go even further in their approach for more sustainable advertising while maintaining advertising effectiveness. ”