IMPACT+ launches scalable ESP platform to drive CO2 reduction

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

IMPACT+, the pioneer in measuring the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns, has announced the launch of its scalable ESP (Environmental  Sustainability Platform).

ESP enables brands and agencies at any stage of their emission reduction journey to monitor digital advertising  campaigns, across social, programmatic and direct sold, and identify levers to apply without affecting campaign performance.

Scalable ESP platform

The new platform simplifies the challenge of data collection, through direct integrations with major social platforms, DSPs and ad servers.

The need for marketers to prioritise media performance, alongside a lack of knowledge of the measures that reduce environmental impact, specifically reduction of GHG emissions, has thwarted attempts at sustainability action.

As a result, the focus of the industry has been on offsetting (an area which has recently come under some question) rather than reducing emissions, leaving a wide array of missed opportunities to drive actual long-term strategies, and having a proven impact on the planet.

To tackle this challenge, IMPACT+ has launched its platform, which allows brands and agencies to go further than impression level reductions, which can risk unintended, counterproductive consequences that actually increase GHG emissions, instead measuring emissions against core business KPIs to identify and implement carbon reduction strategies across their entire ad spend.

Guided by granular data and reduction guidance in the platform, marketers can optimise their campaigns against environmental and performance metrics by activating the right levers, at a campaign and platform level, as well as providing benchmarking data, which allows buyers to compare their campaigns KPIs with the market average.

Additionally, IMPACT+’s platform enables strategic business decisions, with flexible reporting at different levels, including creative, campaign, country, brand, and group level.

Commenting on the launch, Audrey Danthony, CPO and Co-Founder at IMPACT+, said: “The advertising industry is still at odds balancing campaign performance with sustainability objectives, particularly when it comes to the reduction of GHG emissions of campaigns.

“The launch of our ESP offers a scalable solution with unparalleled data granularity that provides full visibility of sustainability and performance metrics.

“Only by combining these two measures can marketers make strategic business decisions, to reduce the environmental impact of digital advertising, across all channels and formats, without affecting core business KPIs.”

Céline Largy, Global Media Director, L’Oréal Group, commented: “As the world’s fourth largest advertiser, L’Oréal is committed to measuring and reducing the Greenhouse Gas emissions generated by our digital media campaigns and minimising their environmental impact.

“The first step towards reducing our carbon footprint in digital media, is to track and measure.

“Through our partnership with IMPACT+, we can measure the GHG emissions across all our digital media activations and armed with this knowledge, we are able to activate levers and optimise our digital media campaigns for reduction and monitor our progress.”