builds on partnership economy standards, a leading partnership management platform, announced today its 2023 company growth and strong performance, driven by client and agency partner growth, return on strategic business investments, new integrations, and product innovation and development.

The Partnership Economy

As the global standard partnership management platform at the forefront of the Partnership Economy, now serves more than 225,000 active and productive partnerships for approximately 3,500 customers collaborating with all partnership types — from influencers through to customer advocates.

“The Partnership Economy is increasingly commanding a very prominent seat at the revenue table in today’s leading businesses”, said David A. Yovanno, CEO,

“Due to changing consumer behaviour and declining efficiency in traditional marketing channels, we’re witnessing an immense transformation, resulting in a shift from an advertiser-controlled environment to one where customers are firmly in the driver’s seat”.

”Today, brands, businesses, publishers, creators, and agencies have tapped into this crucial channel for not only growth, but to understand their customers in ways that are meaningful, relevant, and driving bottom-line performance.

“’s growth is a testament to how influential these partnerships are to global brands, and we’re continuing to deliver the technology, marketplace, and services needed to meet the modern buyer at the critical point of their decision making to purchase – which is through seeking out reviews and authentic recommendations from those they trust, including publishers, creators, and more.”

In 2023, welcomed more than 1,000 new clients, including leading brands SeatGeek, B&Q, Hydro Flask, Daily Harvest, Pepperstone, Endeavour Group, and more, and 70 new agency partners to its customer portfolio.

Leading with its vision to be the unified, global standard platform for all partnership types, announced – the world’s first influencer partnership platform allowing brands and creators to discover, create, manage, and scale full-funnel influencer marketing programmes, all from a single interface.

With flexible and diverse payout models, brands and creators can now choose between commission or other performance-based fees, flat fee or any combination of both.

In addition, enterprise clients looking for a fully customisable environment where they can collaborate directly with influencers and creators to meet their specific programme goals also have access to a Branded Portal add-on.

Leading brands like Target are already leveraging Branded Portal as a part of their partner strategy.

The company also announced several strategic investments, including the acquisition of best-in-class customer referral software provider SaaSquatch.

The acquisition marks the company’s fifth in three years, including Activate in 2020, Affluent and Trackonomics in 2021, and Pressboard in 2022. SaaSquatch’s technology helps brands build authentic trust with new audiences through the brand’s own customer base — turning loyal customers into trusted advocates.

SaaSquatch’s technology has the flexibility to handle the most advanced customer referral programmes, giving brands the ability to reward advocates for any behaviour they choose — from completing a form to making a purchase.’s platform integration with SaaSquatch allows brands to build stronger customer partnerships managed through a single platform.

Equally aligned, continued its technology leadership including new innovations and integrations – key to underpinning its 2023 growth and performance.

During the year expanded its strategic collaboration with Google with an enhanced integration powering affiliate link deals across select Google surfaces.

Shortly following, the company integrated with BigCommerce’s Channel Manager and was established as a certified app in the HubSpot App marketplace.