Immediate, Mantis partner to offer contextual brand safety and targeting


Immediate, home to trusted brands that people love, which reach more than a third of UK adults, has announced a technology partnership with Mantis, a leading brand safety and contextual advertising solutions provider.

Immediate and Mantis

This partnership will provide Immediate’s customers with industry-standard brand safety measures and unlock content that was previously inaccessible to advertisers.

Whereas many blocklist-based brand safety solutions fall short of Immediate’s needs — particularly for its special interest brands — Mantis leverages AI-driven contextual intelligence to accurately and efficiently gauge brand safety through semantic understanding of text and media content.

By utilising Mantis’s technology, Immediate will also be able to provide bespoke contextual audiences which can be applied across the entirety of its properties and content, regardless of whether users are identifiable or third-party cookies are available.

These audiences can be further refined thanks to the extensive customisability of Mantis’s solutions.

In addition to significantly increasing the volume of monetisable inventory for Immediate’s brands, Mantis’s technology is more performant than alternatives as most processing occurs at the point of page publication rather than user interaction.

Reduced processing load also results in lower emissions, aligning with Immediate’s sustainability commitments.

“We partnered with Mantis because its technology is built by publishers for publishers, which gave us the confidence that they would understand both our needs and the needs of our customers,” said James Florence at Immediate.

Matthew Rance at Immediate, added: “Immediate has had an enormous amount of success with its first party data solution, having been an early adopter.

“By adding contextual and sentiment data from Mantis into the heart of the product offering, we hope to continue to lead the market, offering effective, innovative solutions to our customers.

“Allowing them to fairly support the publishing industry and solve addressability challenges at the same time,” said .

Benjamin Pheloung at Mantis, said: “Our partnership with Immediate Media demonstrates that AI-driven contextual technology can solve two of the biggest challenges facing digital publishers: brand safety and cookieless targeting”.

“With more brand-safe inventory and more targetable users, Immediate will be able to boost the scale and reach of its customers’ campaigns without harming the on-page experience, all while utilising our low carbon footprint products.”