IMA calls to shatter myths over London vs regional agencies

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London might traditionally be seen as the beating heart of creativity in the UK, if not Europe, but in this latest edition of IMA’s straight-talking podcast, Real Talk, IPA President, Josh Krichefski and Imogen Blackwood, Global Client Director at IMA, challenge this preconception and discuss the strength of regional agencies.

Hosted by Chief Executive Partner of IMA Nickii Gray and Alex Uprichard, IMA Managing Director, the episode covers the misconception that new talent needs to be in London to build a great career and the assumption, among some clients at least, that they have to go to London to hire the best agency.

London vs Regional agencies

The discussion covers the fact that while there will always be some clients that want a London agency, because of their perceived superiority, for many clients, especially those not based in the capital themselves, a regional agency is often a much better fit.

The clients that celebrate regional agencies for their strengths, their local knowledge and their nationwide representation are reaping the benefits, while those that persist in the view that regional agencies are by and large an outpost rather than a centre of excellence in their own right, are missing out.

The debate isn’t new, but with 43% of IPA members now based outside the capital, there is an urgent need to change hearts and minds.

The relocation of Channel 4 and some major parts of the BBC outside London is welcome recognition of the growing importance of the regions, but there’s still work to be done.

Clients are based all over the UK and it makes good business sense for them to consider local agencies as well as those based in the capital. Admittedly London agencies are much better at promoting themselves.

Regional agencies need to step up and shout a bit louder about what they have to offer.

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