Idris Elba leads Sky Cinema free Vue tickets campaign


Until now, subscription channel Sky Cinema has brought movies to its viewers, but now it’s offering viewers the chance to go to the movies, with two free tickets every month to a Vue cinema, in a new, high octane campaign by Birth Productions.

Sky Cinema and Vue

To promote the deal, Sky’s dynamic new film breaks the fourth wall, sending the audience on a cinematic adventure through the streets with Idris Elba.

“Your Ticket to the Big Screen” begins with a scenario any Sky Cinema viewer can relate to, as Idris Elba and his nephew settle in to watch a movie.

Suddenly, they’re a part of a gripping, action-packed movie themselves, starring Idris, and his nephew as The Sidekick.

They’re whisked away in their armchairs, exploding through the glass doors out onto the streets at breakneck speed in an exhilarating scene, akin to the heart-pounding thrill rides we expect from Fast and the Furious.

In the adrenaline-filled sequence that follows, the pair race by traffic, fly around corners and down steps, gripping hands Thelma & Louise-style as they veer towards a roadblock before surviving a dramatic explosion, and landing directly in front of a Vue cinema where, thanks to their subscription with Sky Cinema, they have two free tickets.

For director Rodrigo Valdes, making the film – and the offer – memorable, meant centring the focus on the action, creating a cinematic experience within itself, Birth said.

The 60-second spot is an homage to some of the most celebrated movies in cinematic history – Italian Job, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future, Baby Driver – and pays tribute to the most iconic car chases in filmdom.

Thanks to the film’s visual language, the audience experiences the speed and thrill of the riveting action, leaving them gripping their seats.

Kate Elson, Executive Producer, Birth Productions, said: “Working on this project with Sky Creative was a career high! The script embodied and allowed Rodrigo to combine his narrative skills, action and comedy, to create a humorous adrenalin fuelled piece.

“From a production point of view it was incredibly exciting and challenging to adapt iconic movie scenes, car chases and stunts to work from an armchair!

“The collaboration with Rodrigo, the creatives and the stunt team lead by Rob Inch of Marvel movie fame hugely contributed to the joy of the shoot and this seamless film.

Produced by Birth Productions, the film was released on TV and in cinemas on 9 October.