IDG adopts LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution for ads


Media technology company IDG, has selected LiveRamp, the data connectivity platform, as its trusted partner to connect premium authenticated inventory with advertiser demand. 

IDG and LiveRamp

As part of its strategy to offset third-party cookie deprecation, IDG has integrated LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), which enables advertising on authenticated, cookieless inventory in a privacy-first manner.

ATS works by connecting marketers and publishers, whilst maintaining the respect and trust of the individual. 

Further, IDG prides itself on providing quality content and engaging experiences as a result of its authenticated relationships with users. 

Its partnership with LiveRamp will further enhance its commitment to its 199 million global readers, as well as marketers on an international  scale across all of its titles including MacWorld, and TechHive.

LiveRamp is at the centre of an industry move towards a trusted ecosystem, and supports publishers’ increased focus on authenticated user data. 

Its ATS solution is quickly gaining momentum globally as the recognised trusted, neutral partner for cookieless infrastructure. 

IDG is the latest in a long line of major publishers internationally to integrate ATS: more than 325 publishers globally are a part of the ATS network.

Proactive transition away from cookies 

”IDG recognises the need to be proactive in this period of transition as third-party cookies are phased out”, Sarah Lavery, Global Head of Programmatic at IDG, said. 

“ATS will enable us to connect our authenticated audience database with advertising demand on an international scale, while crucially protecting our readers’ privacy and giving them control over their data.

“It’s imperative to IDG that we continue to provide the best experience for every one of our users, while also being able to attract advertiser budgets, which will ultimately help us sustain our business model. 

“ATS will allow us to maximise ad revenue post third-party cookies through addressable, data-driven targeting”.

Tim Geenen, MD Addressability Europe at LiveRamp, said: “The third-party cookie deprecation deadline is fast approaching and with it a growing impetus on publishers to find authenticated, people-based solutions that enable them to increase the value of their inventory. 

“LiveRamp is proud to partner with hundreds of publishers and brands globally to work towards a trusted ecosystem that puts people and privacy first, while driving more meaningful experiences and enhanced addressability.”

“We are delighted to partner with IDG and provide one of the world’s leading tech media companies with a durable, scalable solution that will unlock new revenue streams, while also ensuring a great customer experience and preserving consumer trust.”