Iconic LU biscuits launches in the UK with Digitas campaign

lu biscuits uk launch - mediashotz

Recognised and loved in France, biscuit brand LU from Mondelez has arrived in the UK and will be available in the stores of supermarket group Tesco. 

The launch is being supported by an endearing illustrated campaign from Digitas, which runs from the end of August into October.

LU biscuits

Running across digital, DOOH and social media, the campaign states ‘A taste of France is now available in the UK’ and leverages the brand’s distinctive design assets, including imagery specifically new in the UK, with expanded pack designs to create a world to be explored.

LU is an iconic brand with 175 years of baking passion behind it.

The illustrations reflect the nostalgic taste of France, with subtly comic depictions of giant biscuits being transported to the UK, familiar boulangerie settings with outdoor seating and the recognisable red and white colour ways of the snack’s packet branding.

Charlotte Parkes, Senior Brand Manager LU, Mondelez, said: “The LU brand is something we all recognise in France and it’s wonderful to bring it to the UK along with a little bit of French flavour. 

“The style and presentation of the work from Digitas has kept our LU core while bringing the product to a brand new audience.”

Lazaros NIkiforidis, Executive Creative Director, Digitas, said: “Just when we are all craving the joys of France the most, LU brings the taste of France to us. 

“People are missing the French experience, the food, culture and people but especially the food! If you can’t get to France, you can still get to Tesco to grab some.”