ICONIC launches ‘Queue Jump’ modules for agencies and brands


ICONIC has launched a series of buyable training modules aimed at giving brands and agency businesses a ‘Queue Jump’ when it comes to creating culturally relevant advertising and leveraging the rules in a time when everything is PR.

‘Queue Jump’

Led by industry heavyweight James Kirkham, Founder and CEO of ICONIC, the new offering has been created to address the most common questions that are frequently asked by brands at this key time.

It was also designed to solve problems around integrating and implementing these learnings internally.

Kirkham and the wider ICONIC team have developed the series of modules with both founders and management in mind.

Brands, agencies and companies are able to buy the Queue Jump modules for a one-off flat fee which also includes an Inspiration session presented by Kirkham and an Accelerator Workshop led by the ICONIC team.

The training programme also includes a series of bespoke takeout tasks for participants, to ensure rapid implementation.

For management, Queue Jump launches with three modules covering the following key topics:

  • How to win in Culture: making culturally relevant advertising in 2024;
  • How to win when everything is PR: leveraging the new PR rules for business success; and
  • How to create your own Fan-Fuel: a masterclass for making moments that matter.

These three themes represent the most frequently asked questions from brands and agencies alike, which the ICONIC team have come across through working with their own clients.

Kirkham is widely known in the industry as an accomplished speaker, and his ambition is to redefine the meaning of levelling up.

“We need to get everyone elevated across these areas in order for the industry to thrive,” he said.

“Creativity and storytelling are fundamentals but hugely impacted by the new cultural landscape, and these areas are key to the success of businesses and brands over the next 24 months.”

Queue Jump further includes additional key modules that have been developed exclusively for company founders and C-suite which can be chosen depending on their business’s trajectory.

Queue Jump: ICONIC CEO James Kirkham on a mission to elevate brands in a time of huge change.

The two modules are three to six month programmes accordingly, and cover the following areas:  

– The Art of Selling It: selling the company, incentivising staff, and knowing what’s next; and

– The Art of Growing Up: growing from 1-100, business strategy, presenting skills and company culture.

Kirkham continued: “This is an exciting time for entrepreneurship. The pandemic is in the rear view mirror but everything shifted. From huge tech layoffs to the rise of AI and a thousand new start-ups.

“This means we have some of the most thrilling years imaginable ahead – but many mistakes and traps lay in wake.

“These modules are designed to answer the key questions on the minds of founders and decision makers in the C-suite of a growing business.”

The launch of the Queue Jump series follows a busy first half of the year for ICONIC and its founders. T

he team has delivered inspiring talks and keynotes at senior leadership level for global brands including Meta, AB-Inbev and LADbible, and completed strategy work for Velo and Glo.

ICONIC has also become a brand owner, having recently launched its own brand of alcoholic iced tea, Naughtea.