IAS to provide 3rd party measurement to Microsoft Advertising


Integral Ad Science today announced it is expanding its collaboration with Microsoft Advertising to provide post-bid third-party brand safety and suitability, viewability, and invalid traffic measurement across Microsoft’s advertiser solutions, including the Microsoft Advertising Platform and Microsoft Invest.

Microsoft Advertising collaboration

The move means that, for the first time, advertisers can benefit from verification reporting on Microsoft’s proprietary audience data, including in-market audiences.

This expanded collaboration will provide advertisers with deeper insights into how they can drive engagement with verified users and run adjacent to brand safe and suitable content through IAS Signal, allowing customers to verify media quality via IAS’s metrics using its unified view of their global campaigns.

“With this first-to-market collaboration, IAS and Microsoft Advertising are driving greater value for our mutual advertising customers, bringing actionable data through independent verification that delivers real outcomes for advertisers,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS.

“Using IAS’s differentiated data, advertisers can have confidence they are driving results, reaching real people, and protecting their brand equity to maximise campaign performance.”

Advertisers can now leverage IAS’s powerful measurement solutions to determine the impact of their native, video, display and CTV campaigns across the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem, which includes all Microsoft owned and operated inventory and direct partnerships.

Via the Microsoft Advertising Platform, an easy-to-use online advertising platform, businesses of all sizes can tap into such as display, native, and video across Microsoft owned and operated sites like MSN, Outlook, Bing, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Casual Games, as well as trusted third-party publishers like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, and more.

Audience ads make it easy to reach your ideal audience in beautiful placements across the web using Microsoft AI. 

Via Microsoft Invest, an enterprise-level, omnichannel DSP, advertisers can access expansive and exclusive CTV publisher supply to reach audiences and drive business results on all screens programmatically.

With an integrated platform advantage and a focus on data-driven performance, Microsoft Invest offers flexible ways to transact through outcome-based buying, programmatic guaranteed, and market-leading deal curation capabilities.

Additionally, with Microsoft’s proprietary audiences now available in Microsoft Invest, advertisers can reach over 1 billion users programmatically, including millions they may not be reaching anywhere else, tapping into the power of search intent signals and rich user profiles from unique data sources to improve the performance of their campaigns.

“We’re pleased to extend our collaboration with IAS to include new measurement capabilities for our customers. IAS’s technology brings new levels of insights to Microsoft’s audiences across the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem to build on and enhance our offering, as well as reaffirm our long-term commitment to protecting advertisers’ investments and brand,” said Kya Sainsbury-Carter, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Advertising.

In 2020, IAS was selected to be the first platform-wide partner to provide brand safety across the Microsoft Advertising Network, exclusively providing pre-bid brand safety for native ads across desktop and mobile web.