IAS Signal enhanced with Unified View and Attention Metrics

ias signal unified view and attention metrics launched

Integral Ad Science, a global digital media quality company, has announced new reporting enhancements to its IAS Signal tool that provide advertisers with a unified view of their global campaigns. 

Clients will now be able to analyse data by custom filters created automatically from their unique campaign naming convention. 

Unified View

This Unified View will allow clients to slice and dice their data by dimensions such as regions, lines of business, campaign types, and more!

“Globalisation of technology and media are proliferating at lightning speed,” said Colin Kurth, Global Head of Biddable Media, Publicis Media. 

IAS_Signal Unified View 1

“Solutions that deliver on transparency and consolidated reporting needs across countries, brands and campaigns are requirements of Publicis Media. 

“We commend IAS for building tools like Unified View to enable agencies and clients to help deliver on these standards.”

Additionally, IAS augmented its Report Builder to now include IAS’s time-in-view insights as well as several new open web video metrics so advertisers can evaluate their performance beyond core verification. 

Attention Metrics

There is now an option for clients to pull an Attention Metrics Report which will highlight metrics that are commonly associated with attention including average time-in-vew, time-in-view distribution, pause/unpause, volume up/down/mute and more. 

IAS Signal Unified View 2

Through IAS’s consultative custom insights team, campaigns can be tested to determine which metrics are driving clients’ desired business results.

“Our enhancements to the IAS Signal reporting platform will provide clients with the flexibility to evaluate campaign performance and drive optimal business outcomes that are aligned with their most important KPIs” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. 

“This is yet another example of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with all the quality metrics they need to inform their strategies, while giving them the tools and flexibility to maximise global marketing outcomes and make every impression count.”