IAS provides first verification solution to APS Connections Marketplace


Integral Ad Science, a global digital media quality company, has announced its Publisher Optimisation solution is now available within the Amazon Publisher Services, APS, Connections Marketplace.


Amazon Publisher Services is a suite of cloud services that helps publishers build, monetise, and grow their digital media business.

IAS is now the first verification provider accessible within the APS Connections Marketplace – a services marketplace where publishers can easily activate multiple technology solutions with little or no new development work, saving them time and resources and creating new revenue opportunities.

By leveraging their existing APS connection, publishers can easily discover and onboard new tech solutions with a streamlined and more efficient adoption and integration process.

“IAS’s presence within the Marketplace is an important step in addressing publishers’ needs to maximise inventory and increase revenue,” said Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer, IAS.

“We are excited to open the door for publishers on APS to work with us to improve efficiency and yield by delivering advertisers’ KPIs for brand safety, ad fraud, viewability, and contextual relevance.”

With IAS Publisher Optimisation, publishers can automatically optimise ad delivery down to the placement level for both direct and programmatic deals, and, as a result, increase inventory yield with greater alignment with their advertisers’ brand safety and suitability priorities.

IAS Publisher Optimisation is now available in APS Connections Marketplace. Interested publishers should contact IAS or Amazon Publisher Services to learn more.