IAS introduces brand safety/suitability measurement for GVPs


Integral Ad Science, a global media measurement and optimisation platform, today announced the expansion of its Total Media Quality for Google Video Partners (GVP) offering.

This, it said, provides brand safety and suitability measurement on GVP inventory, enabling advertisers to share their video ads on publisher websites and mobile apps beyond YouTube with confidence.


GVP consists of publisher websites and mobile apps where advertisers can show video ads to viewers.

These online destinations across games, sports, entertainment, news, and other categories must meet Google’s quality standards for ads to appear on a range of devices, including computers, tablets, mobile web browsers, mobile apps, and TV screens.

“Independent brand safety and suitability measurement is critical to giving advertisers confidence about where their ads run,” said Marvin Renaud, Director, Global Video Solutions, Google.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with IAS to provide advertisers with the further assurance that Google Video Partners ads appear on brand safe content.”

Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer, IAS, said:” Brand safety and suitability measurement continues to be crucial for marketers to protect their brand and maximise the return on their campaign investments”.

“This expanded capability with Total Media Quality for GVP will take brand safety and suitability measurement to the next level and will help marketers assess media spend and coverage where it counts.”

As the first brand safety/suitability measurement partner for GVP, IAS will now provide app- and URL-level transparency, along with valuable third-party affirmation that brands running video ads on GVP are appearing in brand safe and suitable content as defined by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework.

In Q2, IAS launched Total Media Quality for YouTube to provide new levels of insight into video content. IAS Total Media Quality is currently being used on other social media platforms to analyse millions of videos per year for marketers.

With Total Media Quality for GVP, advertisers can view brand safety and suitability metrics for impressions served on GVP, in addition to viewability and invalid traffic measurement.