IAS expands global measurement of Amazon properties


Integral Ad Science, or a global media measurement and optimisation platform, today announced its expanded reporting and insights are now available for Amazon DSP media buys.

Through a server-to-server (S2S) integration on Amazon DSP, advertisers will now have access to measurement coverage for campaigns across Amazon custom audiences and Twitch inventory.

Amazon DSP

IAS’s solutions available to advertisers in Amazon DSP include viewability, invalid traffic (IVT), and brand safety and suitability.

“IAS and Amazon Ads share the value of customer obsession, and our global collaboration demonstrates how our companies continue to maximise return on investment for advertisers and are committed to providing independent measurement,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS.

“This is yet another way IAS is empowering marketers with actionable data to drive superior results, giving them more confidence that their spend is being optimised towards performance.”

IAS now provides Amazon’s DSP media buyers with:

  • Brand safety and suitability, viewability, and IVT measurement on custom audiences and Twitch.
  • Cross-device measurement for web and in-app across CTV, mobile, desktop, and tablet.

IAS’s Brand Safety & Suitability, Viewability, and Invalid Traffic measurement expansion with Amazon Ads will be available in IAS Signal, designed to provide advertisers with greater access to campaign data and a unified view of their global campaigns.

In Q3 2023, IAS enhanced its integration with Amazon Ads to include Context Control pre-bid segments. In addition to IAS’s standard pre-bid segments within Amazon DSP, customers can easily have controls to decide where their ads appear and easily reach contextually relevant content.