IAS expands EMEA presence with new launches and hires


Integral Ad Science (IAS) a global digital media quality firm, today announced new market launches and senior appointments to extend its EMEA footprint. 

As part of its international growth strategy, the company is furthering its business operations in Norway and Denmark, and launching its services locally in Poland, Czechia, and Turkey through sales and service partnerships. 

This will enable IAS to enhance media quality solutions and form new partnerships with brands, agencies, platforms and publishers across the regions.

IAS expands across EMEA

The expansion will ensure that digital advertising campaigns better resonate with audiences in multiple key markets, driving greater media efficiency and effectiveness. 

It will accelerate IAS’s verification and programmatic solutions, including brand safety and suitability, contextual advertising, fraud detection, and viewability, to IAS’s global and local customers in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Czechia, and Turkey.

The expansion in Norway and Denmark builds upon IAS’s Nordic hub in Stockholm, Sweden. It includes the new appointments of Ola Tveit in Norway and Morten Sandbæk Beck in Denmark as Sales Directors, who join IAS with deep expertise in digital advertising and marketing.

IAS’s expansion into Eastern Europe includes teaming up with local partner Adsonice LLC in Poland. IAS has further affirmed its international presence through a launch in Turkey, alongside a local partnership with Logaritma, that has been working in the region since 2002. 

Both Adsonice and Logaritma partner with IAS as teams with extensive knowledge and trusted expertise in the regions.

This increased presence will drive international growth and consolidate IAS’s work in these high-growth markets. 

IAS’s bolstered presence in the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Turkey will allow it to strengthen its relationships with brands, agencies and platforms, extending core verification and digital media quality products, with a view to providing further IAS services in the future.

Csaba Szabo, Managing Director, EMEA, IAS, said: “IAS is delighted to announce the expansion of its global footprint in EMEA. 

“We are seeing demand from brands for further verification and optimisation of programmatic digital advertising across EMEA. 

“The scale of our growth across these markets for digital advertising represents our ambition towards international expansion. 

“Investing into these markets presents a huge opportunity for local brands and agencies seeking the highest quality digital ad impressions, as well as for our existing global customers who are increasingly operating in the region. 

“I look forward to working with an experienced team and partners to further IAS’s growth strategy in new areas.”