IAS enhances Context Control for advertisers and publishers globally

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Integral Ad Science, a global digital media quality platform, today announced the expansion of its Context Control solution for advertisers and publishers globally, giving customers more control over the context of digital ad placements.

Context Control

“We first launched Context Control to help our customers transform their targeting strategies, and it’s already prepared them to successfully navigate a cookieless future”,  said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. 

“Advertisers need these critical tools to customise their campaigns, while publishers need to drive greater monetisation”. 

“With strong response from both buyers and sellers, we’ve continued to build on the success of Context Control, delivering even more value and technology that helps solve for the future growth of contextual targeting.”

Brand risk continues to be a global challenge, according to the latest IAS Media Quality Report, and more programmatic buyers are activating the solution within top DSPs to navigate these issues. 

Advertisers can now leverage more than 300 contextual segments from IAS on a pre-bid basis to avoid undesirable content or target towards content that is suitable for their campaigns. 

Major DSPs including Adelphic, Adform, Amobee, MediaMath, Xandr, Yahoo, and others have integrated the solution, making these tools readily available for advertisers wherever they choose to buy. 

By activating the IAS solution, advertisers can see a significant decrease in block rate, a 36% decrease in cost per click, and a 19% decrease in cost per acquisition in a recent campaign.

Global availability

Now available globally, IAS also offers Context Control Optimisation for publishers.

Working with IAS, publishers can now maximise their revenue potential by matching contextual settings with an advertiser’s brand suitability needs.

Publishers can now activate Context Control segments directly in their ad servers to avoid or target towards contextually relevant content. 

This builds on existing smart inventory classification and packaging capabilities available for publishers. 

With IAS’s Context Control Optimisation, publishers can generate a greater return on inventory, delivering a 20% lift in CPMs and a 120% lift in clickthrough rates in a recent activation.

“Context Control Optimisation has proven to be an incredibly effective tool to classify our inventory and deliver better contextual targeting options for brands,” said Leigh Horton, Head of Ad Operations at Insider. 

“Working with IAS, we now provide our advertisers with even greater control over content suitability across their campaigns so that we can deliver on their KPIs.”