IAS awarded new Responsible AI Certification from TrustArc


Integral Ad Science, a leading global media measurement and optimisation platform, has become one of the first companies to receive TrustArc’s recently launched TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification, demonstrating alignment with the highest standards of AI governance.

IAS gains Responsible AI Certification

The certification, which was launched in March of 2024, is the first AI certification focused explicitly on data protection and privacy, and based on an evaluation of the AI system practices of organisations against TrustArc’s Responsible AI Assessment Criteria.

“As an early adopter of TrustArc’s Responsible AI Certification, IAS is committed to leading the way in demonstrating transparency, security and fairness in the development and deployment of our AI systems,” said Kevin Alvero, Chief Compliance Officer at IAS.

“We’re excited to partner once again with TrustArc on this important initiative, and we will continue to model trust and transparency across our products and services.”

TRUSTe’s Responsible AI Certification Assessment Criteria are based upon the leading AI global governance frameworks, including the EU AI Act, OECD AI Principles, NIST AI Risk Management Framework, ISO 42001, and others while being designed to ensure AI is valid and reliable, explainable and interpretable, accountable and transparent, privacy-enhanced, fair, safe and secure and resilient.

“As the power and potential of AI systems increase rapidly, so too does the need for companies that are committed to taking a transparent, ethical approach to innovation in this space,” said Jason Wesbecher, CEO of TrustArc.

“We congratulate Integral Ad Science for demonstrating that commitment by becoming one of the first companies to achieve our Responsible AI Certification.”