IAS, Anzu partner to provide quality measurement for in-game ads

anzu ias

Integral Ad Science, a leader in digital media quality, has announced a partnership with Anzu, an in-game advertising company. 

The partnership enables global brands and agencies to effectively monitor the quality of their in-game media investments in mobile gaming environments, the firms said. 

Anzu and IAS

Through this collaboration, IAS will provide advertisers with Invalid Traffic (IVT) measurement and reports on Viewability through the IAS Signal platform.

“Gaming continues to emerge as a medium with broad appeal and growing reach”, said Tom Sharma, Chief Product Officer of IAS. 

“By partnering with Anzu, we now deliver in-game measurement and transparency for advertisers within gaming environments”.  

“This integration sets the platform for quality standards within ad-supported gaming and allows advertisers to better understand and control the quality of their media on Anzu.”

In-game environments have posed various challenges for verification measurement throughout the ad tech industry, such as multiple forms of device types, game developers, and platforms, all of which make it difficult to use a single tech suite for verification coverage. 

This strategic collaboration further delivers ad transparency into mobile gaming environments, continuing IAS’s progress related to in-game brand safety, suitability, IVT, and viewability measurement everywhere in the digital advertising ecosystem.

“Anzu’s new partnership with IAS is the next step in standardising in-game viewability and performance in the mobile gaming industry, which is projected to reach $136 billion worldwide this year,” said Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzu. 

“This new partnership means advertisers can now get enhanced visibility into the effectiveness of their campaigns. This further strengthens the already robust metrics and reporting advertisers benefit from when running in-game ad campaigns with Anzu.”

Joe Cady, EVP Advanced Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal, said: “This important measurement advancement will help accelerate advertisers’ ability to scale their in-game media investments by further demonstrating the high performance of the Anzu platform”.  

“We are excited to see Anzu and IAS partner to expand insights and streamline measurement operations for marketers as they evaluate their in-game media effectiveness.”