IAS announces campaign sync solution with Xandr’s Invest DSP

IAS sync Pre bid lede

Integral Ad Science, a global leader in digital media quality, today announced the launch of its Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment. 

Currently accessible in Xandr’s Invest DSP globally and other DSPs soon, the solution allows advertisers to seamlessly mirror their post-bid advertising campaign settings with their pre-bid settings, for both mobile and desktop across video and display inventory. 

Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment

With the Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment, advertisers can enable unified brand safety, keyword blocklists, URL exclusion lists, brand suitability (Context Control avoidance), and invalid traffic avoidance settings.

Streamlining Activation

The unified pre-bid segment removes the complexities and reduces the time and human error associated with manually mirroring post-bid preferences to pre-bid. 

Advertisers can launch and optimise their digital media campaigns quickly, ensuring comprehensive protection and time-sensitive updates in response to emerging news or trends.

Reducing block rates

The solution will reduce post-bid block rates since undesired placements are avoided in the bid stream. Brands can reinvest savings into quality media and focus on optimising future campaigns.

“Our Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment provides the necessary tools to help advertisers increase efficiency and ROI of their programmatic campaigns,” said Tom Sharma, Chief Product Officer, IAS. 

IAS Pre bid
Sync stuff: IAS Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment now available on Xandr’s Invest DSP.

“Advertisers can capture their preferred campaign settings all in one place, streamlining workflow, reducing block rates, and improving overall media quality.”

“We’re pleased to bring this solution first to Xandr, with more integrations in global DSPs to come. 

“Ensuring digital ads land in environments that are safe and suitable has never been more important, especially in an ever-evolving digital landscape and news cycle. 

“Our solution reduces some of the complexities in campaign management for advertisers.”

Unified Settings

During campaign set up, advertisers no longer need to create new lengthy lists or select thresholds for brand safety and suitability separately at the post-bid and pre-bid levels. 

IAS’s Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment simply syncs the advertiser’s selected post-bid avoidance settings from IAS Signal and presents it in a unified way, into one single pre-bid segment. 

This Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment will then automatically sync within the DSP to reflect any future changes to safety, suitability, invalid traffic, or custom lists.

The solution includes contextual avoidance segments and custom contextual segments based on a brand’s individual needs. IAS’s Context Control solution is driven by its proprietary Machine Learning capabilities, which can now seamlessly sync between post and pre-bid. 

Context Control is able to analyze emotion and sentiment of a web page with close to human comprehension.

DSP Integration

Xandr’s strategic buying platform, Invest DSP, now offers IAS’s Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment for client activation alongside its existing IAS pre-bid segments, including contextual targeting and contextual avoidance.

“The integration of IAS’s Quality Sync Pre-bid Segment will reduce the time spent by advertisers manually matching their brand safety and suitability settings at both the post and pre-bid levels,” said Dylan McBride, Global Head of Partnerships, Xandr. 

“The solution ensures that advertisers are able to launch campaigns with greater confidence and accuracy.”

Advertisers will continue to measure campaign performance through Signal, IAS’s reporting platform.