IAS announces adtech integration with Roblox


Integral Ad Science, the global media measurement and optimisation platform, has announced an integration with Roblox, a global gaming platform.

Available for advertising campaigns on Roblox later this year, IAS’s Viewability and Invalid Traffic (IVT) Measurement products will provide advertisers increased transparency into the quality of their Immersive Ads within complex 3D environments.

Roblox and IAS

Roblox, which has more than 71.5 million daily users as of Q4 2023, announced on Wednesday that its video ads are now available to all advertisers, enabling them to reach its community of users ages 13 and over at scale.

With video ads, brands don’t need to build custom 3D content and can use their existing video creatives for ad campaigns on Roblox.

The new video ad format joins the broader suite of Roblox’s Immersive Ads offerings that include other formats — for example, billboard-style image ads.

Advertisers will be able to confidently reach their audience across immersive environments on Roblox with IAS’s 3D in-experience Viewability and IVT Measurement with reporting available through the IAS Signal platform.

“IAS is dedicated to supporting advertisers wherever they are, and that includes providing unique, effective ad measurement solutions across emerging mediums such as immersive 3D environments,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS.

“Our partnership with Roblox makes us the first measurement provider to bring enhanced visibility and transparency to the world of 3D immersive experiences on Roblox, giving advertisers the assurance they need that their ads are driving engagement and reaching real users.”

IAS said it will launch new features and functionality for advertisers across Roblox later this year.

These will include:

  • Global 3D in-experience measurement coverage with advanced Viewability and Invalid Traffic metrics to give advertisers greater context on the performance of campaigns  for a holistic view of media buys.
  • Integration with Immersive Ads on Roblox, including image and video ad formats on mobile web and in-app.
  • Trusted, third-party daily reporting through IAS Signal, the company’s unified reporting platform delivering data and insights advertisers need to easily manage their digital campaigns, with key metrics including Viewability, Time-in-View, Percent Completed, Invalid Traffic Rate, and more.

“This partnership will help us develop industry leading measurement tools to establish and maintain trust with our advertising partners,” said Allison McDuffee, global head of brand insights and measurement at Roblox.

“We are committed to building measurement solutions alongside innovation in 3D immersive spaces together with partners like IAS.”

In the recent study Converting Gamers to Consumers, IAS found 69% of gamers are open to non-disruptive in-game ads.

This latest partnership with Roblox is another demonstration of IAS’s commitment to emerging mediums where advertisers are looking to engage with consumers.