Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 campaign revs up in new film by Innocean

hyundia ioniq 5

Hyundai is presenting its first purpose-built all-electric car: IONIQ 5 in a stylish new campaign by lead agency Innocean Berlin. 

The new vehicle is made for people with a modern mindset, who strive to get the most out of life and constantly find ways to empower themselves, their careers, and their families, the agency said. 

IONIQ 5 campaign

This go-getting attitude towards life is at the centre of the campaign created by Hyundai Motor Europe together with Innocean Berlin.

As Gabriel Mattar, European CCO of Innocean Berlin, describes it: “IONIQ 5 is no ordinary car, aimed at no ordinary people. 

“Our target audience has the ability to influence their surroundings for the better. 

“By powering these people and the world around them Hyundai keeps its mission to give progress for humanity.”

So with “Power your world” as the campaign tagline, Hyundai Motor Europe aims to encourage everyone to trust in their own power to make things happen, to follow their ambitions, and to shape the future they want – with IONIQ 5 as their secret weapon.

The film, created in collaboration with director Paul Ward, sits at the heart of the campaign. 

Unlike other films, it features an empowering voice-over written in the style of a modern poem, which becomes the literary backbone of the story and connects the features of IONIQ 5 to the world of the target audience.

Visually, the film presents a contemporary look at the lives of today’s modern progressives and goes hand-in-hand with the campaign photography created by lifestyle-automotive photographer Dave Hill. 

It features scenes shot from unusual perspectives, intercut by dynamic transitions that underline the upbeat and positive power of the campaign while keeping people at the core of its concept.

“We are taking an unusual approach for Hyundai Motor Europe in that we are speaking to young, progressive and active families”, said Laura Rathai, Director Marketing, Hyundai Motor Europe. 

“By putting the human element in the foreground and focusing on their lives and needs, we are showing them the benefits that they get from choosing our product.” 

The campaign is also accompanied by a large number of assets including additional product films, social media content and digital communication.