Hyundai rolls out new Tucson campaign by Innocean Berlin


An unlucky family overcomes the most unforeseen scenarios in new Tucson campaign developed by Hyundai and Innocean Berlin.

With three main films revolving around a family’s misfortunes, the brand introduces the newly redesigned Tucson.

Tucson launches ‘Lucky you’ campaign

Packed with problem-solving features, the SUV comes to the rescue and helps them face life’s unpredictability. Because from now on, no matter what life might bring, “Lucky you, you have a Tucson.” – goes the tagline.

Comedic timing goes a long way in the new 30 second films directed by Bart Timmer, produced by CZAR with post-production by ACHT Hamburg.

“Tent”, “Birthday Party,” and “Cinema” display everyday moments that quickly get out of control leaving our protagonists with a little bit more than a challenging situation.

However, the new Hyundai Tucson, available as Plug-in Hybrid and Hybrid N Line, comes with Over-The-Air Updates, a quiet and efficient Electric Mode, and the Hyundai Digital Key Two – an array of features that will prove to be a relief for them.

“At a joyous time for our brand, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our best-selling Tucson model, we’re delivering this humorous campaign with Innocean to showcase the car’s unique USPs and unbeatable convenience in everyday situations that our audience can relate to”, said Laura Rathai, Director Marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe.

“Through authentic storytelling and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we’re proud of this campaign that aims to bring a smile to our audiences.”

Each story opens with a sequence that makes the relatable scenarios visually stand out. Seconds later, the effect seems to fade out at the perfect moment and helps deliver the comedy in an unexpected way.

“We put a lot of thought and love into every detail of these humorous films for Hyundai and I hope that people can see themselves in these simple, everyday moments”, said Bart Timmer, Director, Innocean Berlin.

“Thanks to the whole Hyundai and Innocean Team. As with every commercial, it’s all about teamwork”.

With Dave Hill, Sonda Productions, and RECOM behind the photo production, the integrated 360° campaign will run in all relevant markets across Europe. A multitude of assets will show that when design and technology meet, the result is a car meant to set new standards and always ready to save the day.

“The Tucson is Hyundai’s best-selling model and people love it for its versatility,” said José Filipe Gomes, Creative Director, Innocean Berlin.

“It’s spacious, it’s electrified, it has a ton of connectivity and safety features that really come in handy when life happens. It’s the car that always has your back.

“So, we brought this thought to life in three executions that anyone can relate to – even if you’re not the camping type.”