Hyundai Commission launches first Tate Modern exhibit since pandemic

TATE Hyundai Commission 2022 exhibit

Creative agency House of Greenland is bringing the latest Tate Modern Turbine Hall installation from the Hyundai Commission to life, with a beautifully crafted video series which is as much a piece of art as the exhibition itself.

South Korean artist Anicka Yi’s new installation, ‘In Love With The World’, is the Commission’s first exhibition since the pandemic. 

Hyundai Commission

The annual event gives artists an opportunity to create new work in partnership with the Hyundai Art Lab and the Tate.

Yi’s ambitious art piece includes “Aerobes”, jellyfish-like creatures, floating serenely through the hall and responding to different elements in their environment.

House of Greenland produced an innovative creative treatment that includes a four minute film (below) and three social media videos (Video 1Video 2Video 3), showcasing the relationship between art and viewer while capturing the visceral emotions the installation triggers. 

The film features the voice of the artist creating an other-worldly environment as she describes the inspiration behind her creations conjured from her imagination, how they behave and what they represent. 

The footage of the serene travels of the “Xenojellies” as they navigate the vast expanse of the exhibition space is interlaced with human reactions to them.

Moreover, the content is designed to cut through the digital fatigue we have all been feeling as a result of the pandemic, and compounded by the surfeit of cultural content online. 

House of Greenland also needed to take into account that fewer people would be engaging with the exhibition in person so the films serve as the lens through which an audience can engage. 

In short, they attempt to do what the Turbine Hall does – bring art to the masses.

The films, led by House of Greenland Creatives Ellis King, Max Gibson, and Creative Director Tim Noble, and directed by agency co-founder Agathe Cury, capture the unique themes of Anicka Yi’s work; the merging of technology and biology, challenging how we perceive animals and machines through all our senses.

Visitors to ‘In Love With The World’ experience a “scent-scape” that changes weekly in the Turbine Hall.

House of Greenland’s production team led by Sagal Aden-Buxton had to think of alternative ways of engaging the senses online. 

So rather than attempting to do the impossible by capturing scent on film, House of Greenland decided to look at capturing the feel of the art via other senses. 

House of Greenland collaborated with Bafta winner and Academy Award nominee composer Jered Sorkin to create a bespoke soundscape to accompany Anicka Yi’s vision.

Tim Noble, Creative Director at House of Greenland commented: “Curating and hosting exhibitions in a time of a global pandemic is no mean feat, and it’s a true honour to be tasked by Hyundai with the responsibility of bringing.

“Anicka’s installation has been brought to life for the countless individuals who couldn’t make it to see the exhibition in person. 

“The films have been a complete joy to work on and a real embodiment of our attitude as a challenger agency who deliver world class creative for an ever-evolving audience.”

Mi Jin of the Hyundai Commission said: “Though we initiated this project at a very challenging time, having constant exchanges and discussions, the use of the right technology benefited us to expand the degree of collaboration, specifically in film production.