Hyperscience launches new brand positioning and visual identity


Stink Studios has created a new visual identity and positioning for Hyperscience that celebrates the modern symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.


Hyperscience, the most accurate intelligent document processing (IDP) platform, is leading the way in a new era of human and machine collaboration. 

Its tools and processes, alongside valuable human input, help organisations unlock vital knowledge within their documents and data. 

Stink Studios’ new branding includes a simplified wordmark and a suite of animations and illustrations built on the duality of Hyperscience’s proposition of humans and machines.

The New York-based brand appointed Stink Studios to develop a new positioning that better communicates its growth stage, stature and ambitions, with branding that delivers the right messaging and visuals to help Hyperscience achieve its goals. 

Stink Studios began by conducting both stakeholder and customer interviews to understand what sets Hyperscience apart, and found that its human-centered approach was at the heart of its unique value to customers.

To draw a clear distinction between Hyperscience and its off-the-shelf competitors, Stink Studios’ new positioning and brand model demonstrate both the business and societal impact of the brand’s “human-in-the-loop” automated processing.

In addition to the typical elements in a rebrand – logo, fonts, colour palette, and motion design – Stink Studios also expanded the visual language into 3D, which resulted in a more diverse mix of new components. 

Once combined, the elements create a set of abstract assets, visually different in aesthetics, but all sharing a common language.

Viv Greywoode, Head of Design at Stink Studios, said: “Hyperscience always tries to rise above the mediocre and our new brand identity does just this. 

“I’m excited with the result and how much personality we’ve injected into the brand, especially in a category that can often be guilty of dull design aspirations. 

“Our new identity for Hyperscience is more than just a logotype, it is a set of elements that come together to create something stand-out that is instantly recognisable.”

New brand visual: Hyperscience’s new brand visuals by Stink Studios.

Paz Macdonald, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyperscience, said: “We’re super proud to launch the new brand direction for Hyperscience. 

“After consulting with some of our most valued customers, and conducting a deep dive into our business strengths, we feel that we managed to get to the core of what makes us unique: our human-centred approach to AI, delivered with unrivalled accuracy and a sharp commercial focus. 

“This vision has set the tone for our new visual identity as well as our core messaging and will help drive the business forward for years to come.”

Alongside the new positioning and manifesto, Stink Studios created Hyperscience’s first-ever tone-of-voice and copy guidelines to clearly articulate the brand’s language and personality.