HUMAN, LoopMe integrate to scale CTV protection for ad ecosystem


HUMAN Security, Inc., a global leader in protecting enterprises by disrupting bot attacks, digital fraud and abuse with modern defence, announced its MediaGuard programmatic ad fraud solution will be utilised by LoopMe, a leading technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance.

This integration enables LoopMe to scale their Connected TV (CTV) marketplace providing platforms confidence that its inventory is free from fraud.

According to eMarketer’s latest research, ad spending across CTV is expected to reach $29 billion by the end of 2024, while CTV remains vulnerable to loss from fraud due to the high value of individual impressions and inconsistent industry standards adoption.

LoopMe and HUMAN

LoopMe has taken a proactive stance by selecting HUMAN’s top-tier programmatic ad fraud solution to ensure the quality and authenticity of its inventory from the outset.

The integration between LoopMe and HUMAN ensures a more secure digital advertising ecosystem, starting with its growing CTV marketplace.

“Today’s digital advertising landscape demands trust and quality,” said  LoopMe’s Global GM Marketplace, Jonnie Byrne.

“This collaboration underscores HUMAN and LoopMe’s shared mission in  bringing  transparency, security, and delivering an impeccable advertising experience.

“By partnering with HUMAN, we are not only safeguarding our CTV inventory but also upholding our commitment to providing real value to our partners and advertisers.”

The combination of LoopMe’s Intelligent Marketplace, the patent-pending AI technology powering decisions and curation, with HUMAN’s industry-adopted ad fraud solution, overseeing over 85% of global programmatic impressions, maximises efficiency for both supply and demand.

This partnership empowers the delivery of best-in-class efficiency and sustainability for clients, assuring that CTV ads within the marketplace will only be seen by real humans.

HUMAN’s MediaGuard analyses every impression before a bid occurs, empowering LoopMe partners and clients to fully trust the evidence-based decisions that drive business results.

“LoopMe’s decision to integrate with HUMAN underscores the importance of proactive fraud prevention in the digital advertising industry,” said HUMAN’s Vice President of Sales and Media Security, Rick Holtman.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with LoopMe and support their mission to provide high-quality, fraud-free inventory to their partners and advertisers.

“HUMAN’s MediaGuard swiftly and accurately detects fraud on an unprecedented scale, effectively deterring unwanted bots and rendering advertising fraud unviable.

“Together, we aim to disrupt cybercriminal economics and make the digital landscape safer for all.”