HSBC UK expands ’Safe Spaces’ campaign with live billboard

HSBC UK financial abuse 'safe spaces'

As part of its campaign to raise awareness of its in-branch ‘Safe Spaces’, HSBC UK has brought to life the element of control that those experiencing domestic abuse face, through a live billboard in Spitalfields Market.

‘Safe Spaces’ campaign

Working closely with domestic abuse charity, Hestia, and as part of Wunderman Thompson’s latest nationwide campaign for the brand, which has been running across out-of-home since 23 May, the impactful ‘live’ billboard event is taking place in Spitalfields Market on 14 and 15 June.

It brings to life the campaign message “When an abuser controls your finances, they control you”, with a performer being controlled by strings from the billboard above.

HSBC UK financial abuse_trade_03
Live billboard: WT and HSBC UK show how abusers can control a victim’s finances.

The special build will provide a metaphor for how people are held back and controlled, showing that a person can seem totally in control of themselves before their actions are restricted by their abuser.

HSBC’s billboard reflects the current out-of-home ads, with the static billboard showing a hand with strings attached to it. 

The strings extend out from the billboard and are attached to a performer, whose movements appear natural at first, allowing them to move a certain distance before being constrained and pulled back. 

The performer keeps trying to escape the grasp of their abuser, but the puppet-like strings pull them back every time, dramatising how they can only go so far before they are controlled again.

Alongside HSBC UK, representatives from Hestia and UK SAYS NO MORE have been in attendance to provide support to those who need it.