How many views you need to earn a living on YouTube

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Brits would need more than nine million views to earn an average annual salary of 27k on YouTube.

That’s according to Reboot Online Marketing, which said that the days where people feel they need to rely on a 9 to 5 job to make a living are long gone.

The internet has opened a realm of possibilities and one of the biggest online attractions is becoming a full-time YouTuber.

Earning an income on YouTube

Reboot Online Marketing utilised data from to establish how many YouTube views citizens in 44 European countries would need to earn the same amount as the net average yearly salary in their respective country if they were considering quitting their job to become a full-time YouTuber.

Before considering the amount of YouTube views needed, it should be established that the prerequisites needed to be eligible for ‘YouTube’s Partner Programme’ (the programme which enables an individual to make ad revenue from their YouTube videos) is a minimum 1,000 genuine subscribers and over 4,000 valid watch hours from the public in the last 12 months. Luckily, YouTube promotion services can help you to reach these figures if you’re dedicated enough.

Reboot Online Marketing found that Liechtensteiners would need to amass 16,692,251 views on their YouTube channel to generate ad income that is equal to the net average annual salary of €58,644 in their country.

In second place is Switzerland as those Swiss citizens with ambitions to become full-time YouTubers would need to accumulate 15,421,983 views on their YouTube videos to make the same amount as the net average yearly salary (€54,144) in the country.

Luxembourg (12,204,612) Denmark (12,174,375) and Norway (11,318,448) are among the other European countries where aspiring YouTubers would need to surpass over 10 million views on their YouTube channel to accumulate ad revenue that is the same as the net average yearly income in their respective countries – Denmark (€42,744) and Norway (€39,756), respectively ranking third, fourth and fifth.

European Youtuber income list

Brits on YouTube

United Kingdom is in ninth position, with citizens in the country needing to gain 9,102,206 views on their YouTube channel to earn enough ad revenue to match the €31,968 net average annual salary in the country.

At the other end in the 43rd spot is Armenia as Armenians with dreams of being a YouTube star would need to attract 850,611 views to earn enough ad revenue for it to be equivalent to the net average yearly salary of €2,988 in the country.

Online search data from online analytics tool Ahrefs also reveals that there is a strong appetite from individuals to explore and make YouTube a viable career option, the following Google searches indicate that:

  • ‘How to create a YouTube channel?’ – 182,900 average global online searches per month
  • ‘How to make money on YouTube?’ – 85,500 average global online searches per month
  • ‘How to monetise YouTube videos?’ – 34,600 average global online searches per month
  • ‘How much money can you make on YouTube’ – 19,100 average global online searches per month
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Reboot Online Marketing’s Top Tips for Aspiring YouTubers

1) Understand the ‘why’?

It is important to ask yourself why you want to become a YouTuber. Simply trying to become wealthy from it is not a good enough reason.

You ideally want to create a channel which showcases your opinions, passions, and expertise on a subject area(s) you enjoy and are wholeheartedly invested in.

By doing so, you give your channel a clear focus and ensure some form of consistency – because you’re more likely to upload regularly if it’s something you have a genuine interest in.

2) Keep Up

Once you have identified the type of content you want to specialise in, it is your responsibility to stay ahead of the curve.

Look out for the latest developments or trends going on in your niche and provide your ‘expert’ opinion on them.

Likewise, create fun and engaging content where you can integrate the likes of infographics, question and answer formats and collaborations with other YouTubers into your videos to add more depth and discussion around your views/opinions/predictions.

You can even utilize the many video editing software available online to make your videos more appealing to the audience. Consider taking full advantage of resources on websites like which can provide you with royalty-free music to use for the videos. After all, music tends to make everything more engaging.

3) Show Gratitude

Building up a following on YouTube will undoubtedly take time but if you upload regularly and try to make each video better than the last, you are on the right path.

Any followers you do gain in your early stages, engage with them in the comments by thanking them for their support.

Likewise, use any of their constructive criticism as feedback to improve your channel and don’t be afraid to ask them what sort of videos/content they would like you to do more of – try to cater to their wants/needs.