How LiveScore Bet scored with an in-image World Cup ad campaign


Facing a cookieless future, the advertising industry has been tasked with finding alternative targeting solutions that maintain cookies’ effectiveness without using users’ online personal information.

A new campaign by LiveScore Bet, in partnership with SmartFrame, has leveraged contextual solutions to deliver results that demonstrate how effective in-image advertising can be in the absence of personal user data.

The sports betting market, currently valued at around $84bn, is expected to grow to as much as $288bn by the end of 2032.

However, alongside this soaring popularity, brands are facing stringent privacy regulations and a shift from behavioural targeting to contextual targeting in advertising.

LiveScore Bet

As a result, LiveScore Bet, one of the UK’s leading sports betting companies, needed a new approach to raise awareness of its brand and drive traffic to its site, before, during, and after the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

To achieve this, LiveScore Bet partnered with SmartFrame, the world’s largest image-streaming network, to serve a range of striking, high-impact ads across the full dimensions of an image, in the most prominent positions on a webpage for maximum visibility.

SmartFrame delivers millions of high-quality, interactive images across a range of websites, offering brands the ability to stream contextually targeted ads into the image’s frame as a viewer is engaging with it.

To support the campaign, leading independent photo agency IMAGO provided 2,069 football images, which ran across eight of Planet Sport’s premium football sites, including,,, and, throughout December 2022.

These images featured engaging controls such as full-screen viewing, Hyper Zoom control and sharing options.

Four ad creatives provided by LiveScore Bet were then selected to be served inside these images.

SmartFrame’s image-streaming and contextual-ad-serving technologies were used to target football fans aged 18 and over who engaged with content relating to the World Cup on these sites.

Goal: How Livescore Bet’s in-image ad campaign performed.

Over the campaign’s four-week running period, fill rate was measured at 80%, which is significantly above industry standards, highlighting the value of image streaming and in-image advertising to ensure accurate ad targeting, and delivering effective ad campaigns without the use of invasive third-party-cookie-based tracking.

In addition, the campaign drove significant engagement, with 3,249 unique engagements, including over 2,200 Hyper Zoom interactions in total, over 1,100 clicks on the Share button, and 716 full-screen views.

The campaign’s successful results make clear just how powerful a model that merges image streaming with in-image advertising can be for advertisers planning for a new digital era, and the potential of contextual solutions as a viable alternative to third-party data.

“This is a great result for our client and is testament to what we are trying to achieve as a business, driving better audience engagement and creating opportunities to develop new revenues, all in a fair and sustainable way,” said Rob Sewell, CEO at SmartFrame Technologies.