How Barilla tapped into TikTok’s #CreepyPasta craze for Halloween

barilla creepypasta halloween - mediashotz

Italian pasta brand Barilla has tapped into a novel TikTok hashtag for a timely campaign to mark Halloween week.

With more than billions views, #CreepyPasta has become a crazily popular hashtag on Tiktok, even though it has nothing to do with pasta. 

But that hasn’t stopped popular pasta brand Barilla from seizing on the fun phenomenon to raise awareness of its own range of pastas during the scary season.

For the uninitiated, CreppyPasta is a catch-all term for any user-generated content in the form of brief horror stories intended to scare people. 

The name is a mix of creepy and “copypasta” (denoting viral copied and pasted text).

So this Halloween, Barilla decided to bake up its version of the real meaning behind #CreepyPasta, telling “horror stories” about “scary” ways to prepare and enjoy pasta and inviting pasta lovers to do the same. 

With this project Barilla welcomes every way people love pasta – even the creepiest ones – in line with the brand positioning “A sign of Love”.

Three animated videos online, on Barilla’s TikTok channel, which went live on 29 October, are graphically inspired by the horror world and are based on viral “creepy” habits related to pasta, from chewy overcooked penne, to broken spaghetti and to splattered pasta.

To kick-off the new “real” way to use the hashtag, the brand chose to collaborate with the TikToker duo @Lionfieldmusic, with their unmistakable irony based on Italian culture, to encourage people to share their own favourite creepy pasta stories.

The project came from an idea by creative agency We Are Social.

Halloween may be over, but for Brits Guy Fawkes is just around the corner and doubtless we’ll all find more ways to eat our fave pasta dishes in the scariest way possible.