Horizon Union partners with UFO Gaming in metaverse move

horizon union partners with ufo gaming - mediashotz

Gaming and content organisation, Horizon Union, has announced its partnership with decentralised platform, UFO Gaming.

The tie-up bridges games onto the metaverse, as the platform gears up to establish itself as a key player in the gaming space.

Horizon Union and UFO Gaming

The new partnership will see Horizon work with UFO Gaming to expand its brand affinity within the gaming sphere through collaborative activities, influencer messaging and interactive campaigns. 

The move comes as UFO Gaming prepares to launch its first play-to-earn (P2E) game, Super Galactic, which introduces Genesis NFTS, the first edition of NFT characters from the game.

Differing from the traditional pay-to-play (P2P) model, where predominantly only professional gamers and streamers can profit from gaming, UFO Gaming’s crypto-powered version of P2E gives players the ability to earn while playing. 

Features include the creation of a 3D virtual world and the ability for gamers to come together to create their own clan, own and trade virtual land and earn NFTs and cryptocurrency in an exclusive Super Galactic NFT marketplace.

UFO Gaming is a fully decentralised social gaming platform, which seeks to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional mobile & PC games, by giving players the ability to earn whilst playing. 

In December 2021 the platform claims it hit a $1 billion market cap and had already made its first steps into esports by becoming the first P2E platform to create an esports tournament. 

The Apex Legends Tournament featured Twitch streamers Apryze and Nokokopuffs with a $10,000 cash pool at stake. 

Long-term partnership

UFO Gaming is now committing to a long-term strategic partnership with Horizon Union, which has gamers and crypto enthusiasts very excited.

Commenting on the partnership, UFO Gaming said: “We are excited to partner with Horizon Union and have already planned the next steps together to educate players, make blockchain gaming more accessible and unleash its true power upon the gaming industry – giving players the ability to earn while playing.”

Founded by Kieran Wood and Will Mollett in 2017, Horizon has grown to house over 30 micro creators who drive and deliver content via an always-on strategy. 

Working alongside global brands such as GFUEL, Boost Gaming,ChampionUS and now UFO Gaming,  the organisation operates on the core principles of working closely with creators to provide strategic business value, within various verticals in the gaming world.

Looking ahead to 2022, Horizon has its sights on developing a full esports entry, in some of the biggest titles to date, working alongside partners such as UFO Gaming. 

With the UK esports industry continuing to show extensive growth, Horizon is hyper focused on developing and nurturing grassroot competitive talent as well as establishing stature.

Will Mollett, co-founder and talent and partnerships lead at Horizon Union, said: “The partnership with UFO Gaming is nothing short of a testament and statement to the future. 

“Working with a brand that is so forward-thinking and success-driven, for not only themselves but also their community, is a mirror of Horizon and our ways of working. 

“Excitement for what is to come could not be a larger understatement.”