Hollywood strikes accelerate the decline of TV pricing – ECI report


ECI Media Management has released its Q3 Media Inflation Update, revealing that US TV pricing is set to deteriorate further into deflationary territory than their Q2 predictions, fuelled by the Hollywood strikes and deepening declines in linear TV viewership.

TV pricing in the US is now set to deflate by 5.1% in 2023.

Hollywood strikes versus NFL growth

The latest report in ECI’s quarterly updates has found that, for the first time ever, linear TV viewership in the US fell below 50%; however, sports content is expected to be an exception to the deflationary trend, with demand for and viewership of the NFL and NCAA likely to remain strong.

The Q3 update for Online Video and Display is marginally higher than was forecast in previous quarters, while Print, OOH and Radio see little change.

Meanwhile, in the UK, TV inflation has fallen further from ECI’s Q2 estimate, due to a combination of revenue decreases and continued decline in viewership, as well as the impact of the Hollywood strikes in the US.

Online Video is forecast to be marginally higher than Display due to higher demand; Digital OOH continues to see higher inflation levels than in 2022, while Print remains deflationary.

As of 2023, ECI Media Management has started publishing quarterly updates to its annual Media Inflation Report, providing forecasts for 10 key markets globally – the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, Australia and Mexico.

Fredrik Kinge, Global CEO, ECI Media Management, said: “In times of economic volatility, it’s more important than ever to have timely, accurate information on which to base media investment decisions.

“That’s why, as of 2023, we publish quarterly updates to our report, so that advertisers can be sure they have the most up-to-date information.

“Our goal for the report and these quarterly updates is that advertisers feel confident in capitalising on the rapidly-changing media landscape in order to drive higher media value for their brands.”