Hermès Launches Beauty. Here. Now. campaign directed by Birth


Luxury French brand Hermès has launched a new campaign today created by award-winning director Christopher Anderson.

The campaign is called Beauty. Here. Now. and is for Hermès Beauty, the brand’s cosmetic range. 

The print campaign was captured by Shanghai-based photographer Nick Yang.

Hermès campaign

The iconic French luxury brand first ventured into cosmetics in 2020 with its Rouge Hermès lipstick collection. 

Anderson’s Beauty. Here. Now. film gives a new echo to this global campaign.

Anderson, with his production company Birth LX_, uses a minimalist, neutral palette which hints at the previous two spots while reinventing the former aesthetic.

Dramatic architectural lines and shadows of the Shanghai location provide a clean, minimalistic setting which features models Chu Wong, Cai Guannan and Liu Huan. 

This striking visual alignment perfectly complements the design of the Rouge
Hermès refillable lipstick cases in lacquered, polished and brushed metal, created by Pierre Hardy and presented in the iconic Hermès orange box.

The 60-second Beauty. Here. Now. spot is accompanied by a print campaign by photographer Nick Yang.  Both campaigns are for the Chinese market exclusively.

Birth is an independent film production company founded by Hugo Legrand-Nathan in Paris in 2013 making films, commercials and music videos. 

The company has offices in London, Paris and Algiers,

Christopher Anderson was born in Canada and grew up in Texas. He first gained recognition in 1999 for his photographs of Haitian refugees trying to sail in a handmade wooden boat to America.