Heinz channels tech world with new ‘Open Sauce’ campaign


Heinz has declared it is now an ‘Open Sauce’ company for cooking developers everywhere in its latest marketing campaign.

Developed by Wunderman Thompson Spain, the ‘Open Sauce’ for cooking developers’ campaign brings the Heinz tomato direct to UK kitchens for the first time, inviting every cook (including the competition) to elevate any meal with its new Culinary Tomatoes range.

Heinz said that for over 150 years, it has been producing the world’s best-loved tomato products from the finest tomato seeds and said it is now time to give the brand’s superfans the chance to create their own recipes with Heinz new Culinary Tomatoes range.

With recent research highlighting that seven out of the UK’s top 10 dishes are tomato-based, Heinz has also opened the tomato category to other cuisines, beyond traditional Italian, whether that’s a chicken bhuna, a shakshuka or enchilada– with a uniquely Heinz twist.

“Open Sauce’ from Heinz

The launch of the Culinary Tomatoes range is part of Kraft Heinz’s larger transformation to bring insight-driven innovation to consumers faster than ever before and grow its taste elevation platform around the world.

Wired for sauce: Heinz campaign opens sauce to all developers.

As the cost-of-living crisis bites, consumers are more likely to eat at home. They’re looking for help to create delicious recipes with high quality ingredients.

Using only the finest Heinz tomatoes – sun-ripened and grown in Italy for unparalleled flavour – the brand-new range includes chopped and peeled tomatoes, a classic pizza sauce and tomato purée, as well as a range of tomato bases for cooking sauces (passata, Chilli, Curry and Frito), helping cooks to dish up a range of cuisines from around the world with convenience.

The ‘Open Sauce for cooking developers’ campaign from creative agency Wunderman Thompson Spain, brings Heinz’ tomatoes to kitchens for home chefs of all levels and hopes to unleash the creativity of all types of home cook, from beginner to pro.

The campaign launched on 20 July with a manifesto in The Daily Mail, an ode to Heinz’s most-loved ingredient.

Press activity is supported by out-of-home, in key locations including Westfield London, in-store activations and across social media, which goes live this week.

New Heinz Tomoato Open Sauce
Open-outdoor: Heinz takes its campaign to the masses at key locations.

Aligning with the language of technology companies, ‘Open Sauce’ nods to how Heinz is sharing their centenary of tomato expertise and most-loved ingredient, the Heinz tomato, with everyone.

The minimalistic look and feel of the campaign is designed to elevate the humble tomato and premium packaging showcases the huge range of recipes available to cooks now the Heinz range is ‘open’ for cooking developers.

The campaign will run throughout 2023, with a second phase launching later this year, which will use content created by cooking developers to bring to life the endless possibilities made available by the new range.

Alessandra Sega, Head of Platform for Heinz New Ventures, said: “We’re delighted to open up access to our famous tomatoes, while offering inspiration for cooks to create new and delicious recipes in their kitchens.

“Making our tomatoes ‘Open Sauce’ gives everyone, from the novice to the most experienced chef, the chance to create something new and delicious at home.”

Pipo Virgós, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Spain, said: “Heinz’ new Culinary Tomatoes range gives home chefs of every level access to the legendary Heinz tomato, and the freedom to do with it as they wish.

“With the campaign spotlighting the range of products – from chopped tomatoes to Frito and Curry bases – we can’t wait to see what the nation’s cooking developers create.”