Heathrow Airport uses symmetry of flightpaths for new Africa campaign


St Luke’s has created a new campaign highlighting the range of African destinations accessible from Heathrow Airport.

The campaign went live on Tuesday (30 May), and features three executions using the simple, streamlined symmetry of flightpaths to trace a direct link between Heathrow and destinations including Cairo, Cape Town and Nairobi.

It will run across digital out of home, digital display, social and print nationally until mid-July.

Flightlines: Heathrow Africa campaign by St Luke’s.

Each advert features the flight path and terrain from Heathrow to the destination. For Cairo and Luxor, it is traced in the footsteps of a couple enjoying the desert view.

For Cape Town, the tracks of people strolling down Boulder Beach, and for Nairobi and Johannesburg, two off-road vehicles carve out the flight path while on safari.

Into Africa: New Heathrow campaign promotes excitement of Africa.

This latest work builds on the new strategy launched in January to position Heathrow as the UK’s best-connected airport and the perfect launch pad for the very best trips, wherever they may be.

The first campaign highlighted the accessibility of ski destinations.

Meenal Varsani, Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement for Heathrow Airport, said: “With this simple yet evocative campaign, we want to remind people that truly memorable trips begin at the airport, while highlighting the inspiring and diverse range of destinations that Heathrow can offer people seeking to explore Africa.”

Rich Denney, Joint CCO, St Luke’s, said: “There’s a wonderful symmetry in the marrying of flight paths to the many experiences to be had from Heathrow’s destinations.

“This set of ads for Africa forms part two in the series, and doesn’t disappoint. It’s another dream brief from Heathrow turned into wonderfully simple yet engaging creative; a joy for the team to produce them.”