Heartwarming Tesco campaign shows UK how to ‘become more Christmas’


Tesco has launched its Christmas advert which is guaranteed to hit the spot with everyone, given its heartwarming family oriented story and total lack of celebrities.

Featuring a family that’s getting into the Christmas spirit ahead of the big day, some more enthusiastically than others, the Tesco Christmas ad aims to help get the nation into the festive spirit.

Created by BBH, the campaign taps into the insight that for many of us, Christmas is about so much more than the big day.

While there will always be the ‘Big Christmas Shop’, the need for festive goods and festivities in general starts a lot earlier than 25 December.

In fact, the Tesco 2023 Christmas Report revealed that nearly a third of UK adults (31%) said they find the build up to Christmas more exciting than the big day itself.

Tesco Christmas advert

The ad opens on an enthusiastic Dad and his reticent son driving to Tesco for their usual shop. Whilst wandering around the store, the Dad spots a Christmas sampling display and, after getting his first taste of Christmas (the Tesco Finest Triple Chocolate Star Shaped Panettone), immediately transforms into a Christmas tree as he gets into the festive spirit.

In typical teenage fashion, his son looks embarrassed and walks away, clearly reluctant to join in the fun.

In another scene, Dad has gone through a truly tree-mendous transformation, complete with twinkling lights, and is excitedly putting the decorations up at home.

When Mum returns home from Tesco and delights in sharing some Tesco Finest Golden Mince Pies, she is overcome with festive joy and ‘Becomes More Christmas’, transforming into a spectacular Snowmum.

Following a second visit to Tesco, other customers can be seen ‘Becoming More Christmas’ with baubles and glittering stars exploring the aisles. At the checkout, Dad is served by a Tesco colleague who has transformed into a reindeer.

As soon as Dad’s Tesco Clubcard is accepted, a shining star decoration explodes from the top of his head, and his Christmas transformation is complete.

While everyone around him ‘Becomes More Christmas’, the teenage son continues to remain reluctant to get into the festive spirit.

Until, Dad gives him the handcrafted Christmas tree topper that he made when he was a little boy – it’s just the nudge he needs to transform into a Christmas tree himself, topped with that very star.

Capturing the moments that bring on that Christmas feeling is at the heart of the campaign.  Regardless of life stage or location, the truth is that food, whether it’s that first mince pie, a cheeseboard or a festive meal deal, plays a pivotal role in people’s journeys to ‘feeling Christmassy.’

BBH’s Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes was the campaign’s deputy executive creative director, and Elliott White and Will Maxey were the lead creative team.

The film was directed by Alaska (Marco Lafer and Gustavo Moraes) through Iconoclast. Media was handled by EssenceMediaCom.

Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH, said: “Christmas is a strange time. You hang out with people you don’t usually. You eat food you never do at any other time of the year.

“But whether you love it from the minute Halloween ends, or the hour before Christmas dinner, the one thing we know is true, is that eventually everyone gets into it. It’s infectious.

“That’s what we brought to life, in all its joyfully wonderful, and ridiculous, Christmas glory. Enjoy (with a side of mince pie).”

Emma Botton, Group Customer Director, Tesco, said: “We want our seasonal campaigns to reflect how our customers feel as we know there’s been more anticipation for the festivities this year.

“Our Christmas Report revealed that, as early as September, nearly a quarter of the nation (24%) was already looking forward to celebrating Christmas more than usual. This year, our #BecomeMoreChristmas ad captures the emotions and excitement we feel, as we draw closer to the big day.

“At Tesco, as Christmas approaches, we’re providing customers with all their festive favourites and some exciting twists, with quality and great value at the heart of it all.

“On behalf of Tesco, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.”

Set to the soundtrack of OMC’s ‘How Bizarre’, the ad aired on TV for the first time on ITV during ‘I’m at Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, which started at 9pm on Sunday 19 November.

Ahead of the TV premiere, the Tesco Christmas advert will be previewed to Tesco colleagues across 100 Cineworld locations from Thursday 16 November.