Havas Media Group and Teads launch Project Trinity

havas teads montage project trinity

Havas Media Group and Teads have announced the beginning of a new joint collaboration, coined Project Trinity.

The new partnership, which launches this month, will focus on the fine balance between user experience, publisher monetisation and advertiser results. 

Kicking off with an in-depth analysis into which factors have the greatest effect upon users’ engagement with editorial and attention dedicated to advertising, the partnership will look to create actionable insights to ensure the long-term sustainability for the open web.

Project Trinity

Havas have long advocated that more Meaningful Media can build more Meaningful Brand through better Media Experience. 

This new partnership looks to extend this principle by harnessing Teads’ global reach and direct integrations with the world’s best publishers. 

The partnership’s core objective is to identify key engagement levers that yield optimal results for advertisers and positive experiences for consumers. 

By developing a greater understanding about the value of attention of today’s consumers, the long-term project aims to help publishers create a better user experience and therefore monetise their premium editorial content while increasing media effectiveness for advertisers, therefore creating a more sustainable online ecosystem.

Quantifying benefits

The initial research will aim to quantify the benefit of a user centric approach for publishers and advertisers, demonstrating it is possible to create a virtuous circle for digital advertising which starts with great user engagement with the content. 

Based on research results, Teads and Havas will create actionable insights for publishers on how to boost attention without disrupting the media experience, as well as practical advice for advertisers who are seeking to buy attention to deliver greater marketing effectiveness.

Havas and Teads initial research will look at more than 15 factors including publisher layout and context, ad formats and saturation as well as readership demographics. 

This study will gather data from across several of the top 200 media properties in the US and UK, combining device events with eye tracking technology, across mobile and desktop.

To realise its full ambition, the partnership will look beyond the initial study to additional research, campaign testing, A/B testing and client workshops to further the idea of Meaningful Media and continue to drive a sustainable media ecosystem.

“To better understand what makes the most meaningful Media Experience, we need to continue evolving measurement”, said James Gyngell, Global Managing Director of Investments at Havas Media Group. 

“We believe this ability will help us improve the connection between brands, consumers, and media partners”.  

“We look forward to undertaking this large-scale attention study with our partners at Teads.”

Caroline Hugonenc, Global VP Insights, Teads said: “Respectful user experiences are a key pillar in our approach to Responsible Advertising, and have proven highly effective in driving advertiser results. 

“With Project Trinity we want to step back and understand the dynamic of user engagement within the publisher environment, as well as advertising’s role within it. 

“We strongly believe that there is an opportunity to create better alignment between readers, publishers and advertisers and are excited to work alongside Havas on this mission.”