Harold meme leads Vodafone Happy ad campaign by We Are Social Milan

We Are Social Vodafone Happy Harold_04

Digital agency We Are Social Milan has created Hide the Pain Harold for Vodafone Italy’s newest video ad campaign Vodafone Happy. 

For years, the world of memes, with its irony and creativity, has constituted an important aspect of online life, the agency said. 

It is a pop phenomenon that has ended up influencing the collective imagination with figures that have become iconic, sometimes unintentionally. 

Vodafone Happy

To launch the renewal of “Vodafone Happy”, the program that rewards customers for time spent together with Vodafone, We Are Social Milan leveraged on this culture to release a social campaign for Vodafone Italy that involves the real “Hide The Pain Harold”, the meme used by people when something bad happens but you still keep smiling either way.

With the new “Vodafone Happy,” customers can try to win one of the many prizes in the new catalogue every week by accumulating “smiles” – that is, points. 

The more time spent with Vodafone, the more prizes can be accessed. Only if people win will the smiles be scaled up, otherwise they will remain “frozen” until the following Friday to be used again without the risk of losing points or, indeed, your smile. 

András Arató

To represent this, Vodafone chose to collaborate with one of the web’s most famous bittersweet smiles, the one of Hide The Pain Harold, a nickname given to András Arató, a 77-year-old former Hungarian engineer who has become the subject of countless memes.

The digital video strategy is an ironic tale in which Hide The Pain Harold is the protagonist of three catastrophic days that would bring down anyone but Vodafone prize winners. 

Whether he is in a summer office with no air conditioning, in a parking lot having his car stolen from under his nose, or still in his living room watching the TV shatter right during the cup final, Harold cannot stop smiling because he has just received the notification telling him that he has won one of the new Vodafone Happy’s prizes such as a trip to Dubai, the new MINI Full Electric, or the L5 laser TV.