HARIBO kicks-off Football campaign in the US, by Quiet Storm

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HARIBO, the global gummi brand, is building on the success of its “Kids’ Voices” TV campaign with the launch of a new instalment celebrating one of America’s favourite pastimes – football.

Like its “boardroom” and “library” setting predecessors, the TV advertisement was designed and developed by its creative agency, Quiet Storm, and debuted at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards 4 February, 2024.

HARIBO Football

“Football” joins the decade-long, global “Kids’ Voices” campaign that brings to life the moments of childlike happiness that HARIBO inspires in every bag.

Using the authentic conversations of children as they enjoy HARIBO Goldbears, the ads engage youthful imagination and creativity to show how HARIBO brings out the inner child in all of us.

In this new TV ad, audiences will see two grown-up football players sitting on the sidelines touting their love of HARIBO Goldbears in – you guessed it –kids’ voices that’ll make you smile and remember the simple joys of childhood.

When one of the players offers a bag of HARIBO Goldbears to his teammate, they pause to enjoy their favourite fruity, chewy, gummi sweets and laugh as they imagine what it would be like to play football with a Goldbear.

Both players are enjoying their HARIBO treats so much that they don’t want to go back on the field.

“We’re thrilled to continue our ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign with ‘Football” because its playful, wholesome and unexpected humor sits at the heart of what makes HARIBO special to fans of all ages,” said Seth Klugherz, VP of Marketing at HARIBO of America.

“Our consumers find childlike happiness in every bag of HARIBO gummies, from Goldbears to Twin Snakes to Starmix, and they tell us they love the fruity, juicy flavours and bouncy textures.

“This rings true when we’re lucky enough to hold focus groups with kids and their parents, using the kids’ organic and spontaneous comments in our ad.

“Anyone who’s been around kids knows that they, above anyone else, speak the truth.”

The advertisement series includes 30- and 15-second versions and will be aired on a wide range of TV and cable stations.

“We’re immensely proud of the continued success of the ‘Kids’ Voices’ campaign, now reaching nearly 50 executions worldwide and helping to drive long-term commercial growth in exciting markets like the U.S.,” said Trevor Robinson, ad Director, Quiet Storm.

HARIBO has doubled its media spend to invest in Kids’ Voices, continue to grow and reach more consumers. Its Kids’ Voices campaign continues to test in the top 1% of ads.