Half of SMBs not using apprenticeships – DMA


The latest research insights by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reveal that just 4 in 10 (41%) small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) use apprenticeships.

Moreover, just 39% stated they are satisfied with these programmes.

Across the industry as a whole, the data reveals 62% of employers are already using apprenticeships. A further 32% would be interested in using them in the future.

Apprenticeships lacking 

However, the figures also show 48% of SMBs don’t use apprentices but are willing to consider it in the future.

Just 11% said they wouldn’t consider using them.

Whereas most (78%) large/very large businesses have apprenticeship schemes, with an additional 19% that would consider them.

Leaving just 3% that don’t use apprenticeships and wouldn’t consider them in the future.


Apprenticeship satisfaction

The number of large/very large businesses that said they are ‘very satisfied’ with their apprenticeships was significantly higher (46%) compared to SMBs (39%).


“The data and marketing industry must showcase its best features to attract and retain the best talent. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to achieve this”, Kate Burnett, General Manager of DMA Talent said.

“To help raise awareness of apprenticeships to students and aspiring marketers, DMA Talent works closely with educators, businesses, government and the public sector.

“This is to ensure we are able to attract enthusiastic individuals, who have a real desire to thrive in one of the many diverse roles that the industry has to offer.”

‘Data Analysis’ (36%); ‘Content/Creative’ (36%); and ‘Data-driven technical’ (36%) roles are most likely to turn into permanent positions at large/very large businesses.


Within SMBs, apprenticeships in ‘Data-driven technical’ areas (42%) have a higher possibility of becoming long-term job opportunities for entry-level talent.

To help businesses and aspiring marketers better understand the opportunities that the data and marketing industry can offer fresh talent, the ‘Data & Marketing: Attracting the Next Generation’ report asked managers of organisations, large and small, what skills they look for when recruiting for entry-level marketers.

Further information about this research can be found on the DMA website.