Guerlain sashays up to SeenThis to cut emissions in digital ads


French luxury perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, Guerlain and its media agency Publicis Media Luxe have partnered with SeenThis to deliver the recent Abeille Royale awareness campaign in France.

Guerlain and greener ads

The campaign consisted of the series of IAB formats utilising high quality video and images in display ad spaces.

Unlike conventional advertising technology, SeenThis proprietary adaptive streaming technology removes file size restriction, allowing ads to load in the highest possible quality, instantly and fully adapted to the user’s environment.

The adaptive nature of the tech actively reduces the amount of data transfers needed to deliver the content.

This is far more efficient from a performance standpoint and a more sustainable way of delivering the digital ads.

Some of the key campaign formats delivered 80.5% video start rate and 75.4% completion rate, and compared to running the same quality creative using conventional technology, 38.1% data transfer reduction and 11.4% avoided greenhouse gas emissions from creative delivery.

Pascale Miguet, Présidente France of Publicis Media Luxe said: “Publicis worked hand in hand with SeenThis and Guerlain to combine the best-in-class performance and innovation in sustainability for digital campaigns.

“We are very satisfied with the first results and the potential of the SeenThis technology, which amplifies media solutions adapted to our times by seeking to minimise their environmental impact, while improving performance.”

Jerome Grange, Media Director of Guerlain France, said: “Guerlain is strongly focused on sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the objectives of LVMH’s LIFE 360 program.

“We know that digital has a significant impact and is constantly on the rise. SeenThis and its resource-efficient advertising technology enable us to actively remove and measure unnecessary data and avoid emissions while improving performance.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SeenThis.”

Jean-Robert Mamin, Managing Director of SeenThis France said: “Guerlain has a strong sustainability focus across their commitments in reducing CO2 emissions from their operations.

“This makes the collaboration with SeenThis a unique strategic fit. SeenThis is the 2022 winner of LVMH Innovation awards in the Media and Brand awareness category.

“We are very proud to be incubated at the Maison des Startups LVMH at Station F and are working on expanding our offering to Guerlain as well as other LVMH Maisons globally.”