Guerillascope becomes a carbon neutral agency


London-based advertising firm Guerillascope has been recognised as a carbon neutral organisation.

Working with Carbon Footprint, the company said it committed to offsetting its carbon emissions over the past year by planting trees in close proximity to schools across London.

Saving the rainforest

Part of its outlay will also go towards the protection and regeneration of the Amazon Rainforest, the firm said.

With most scientists and activists agreeing that we have just twelve years to limit the heating of our planet to 1.5C and avert a global catastrophe, the company said the need to act now is an urgent one.

According to the latest forecasts, Britain will need to plant over a billion trees by 2050 – a deadline seen by many as not soon enough – to become a carbon neutral nation. Businesses, it said, should be leading the way.

Call to pressure big powers

Guerillascope also insisted that the world needs to put pressure on governments and multinationals guilty of dragging their heels on combatting the threat; or worse, ignoring it altogether.

Additionally, media organisations must be held to account for the level of coverage they give to environmental crises.

“We’re proud to have been verified as a carbon neutral company”, Katy Sharpe, Managing Director at Guerillascope, said.

“Climate change is an issue we care deeply about at Guerillascope, and this process has only sharpened our awareness of the importance of taking action.

“We know that becoming carbon neutral alone will not solve everything, but it’s a step in the right direction – one we’re delighted to take.”