GSK reveals new global brand by Wolff Olins

gsk rebranded id by wolff olins

Global healthcare powerhouse GSK today revealed an updated brand identity that symbolises how, through the unity of science, technology and talent, we can all work together to get ahead of disease.

The identity was redesigned by brand consultancy Wolff Olins, which helped update the brand to reflect GSK’s new purpose, ambition, strategy, and culture.

GSK rebrand

The updated brand identity follows GSK’s new Ahead Together purpose and growth ambitions, as well as the proposed demerger this year, which will see GSK become a company 100% focused on biopharma innovation, while its consumer business, Haleon, will start life as an independent leader in consumer healthcare.

At the heart of GSK’s strategy is its R&D focus on the science of the immune system, human genetics and advanced technologies

To signal this change, Wolff Olins helped to develop GSK’s updated brand identity, reflecting the company’s Ahead Together ambitions and focus on innovation.

Inspired by the striking imagery found in biosciences, the new identity – which retains the GSK name and its well-known orange logo – features numerous curved forms that evoke the highly adaptable nature of the human immune system, acting as a reminder of the constant need to evolve and adapt.

Housed in a redesigned shape known as the ‘signal’, the dynamic new GSK logo always points the way ahead.

The identity system flexes, adapts and moves to engage audiences across all the digital, social and physical environments that the brand will appear in.

Emma Walmsley, CEO, GSK, said: “GSK is moving towards our most significant corporate change in 20 years with the demerger of our Consumer Healthcare business, Haleon. 

Biopharma focus

“GSK will now be purely focused on biopharma innovation, with bold ambitions for health impact, shareholder returns and as a company where people thrive. 

“Our branding reflects our purpose: to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together.”

The new brand identity showcases the diversity of GSK’s people and partners, representing talent from across its influential worldwide network of GSK people, suppliers and innovative partners.

In close collaboration with the team at GSK, Wolff Olins developed a branding system that would work for everyone in the business.

Close attention to accessibility was paid throughout across every asset and application. All assets have been tested for legibility both on-screen and in print. 

A custom typeface by Face37 utilising ink traps for legibility was commissioned. The identity also contains a series of adaptable 3D forms enabling GSK to shape environments that suit all users.

GSK’s redesigned brand identity, launching today (9th June) is being rolled out across the business in the coming months.

Emma Barratt, Global Executive Creative Director at Wolff Olins, said: “Our ambition was to create a brand identity that signalled extraordinary adaptability – of the human immune system, of tech, of GSK’s people – so that the brand identity could work everywhere, and retain a feeling of constant innovation. But we had to balance this out with a need for warmth.

David Stevens, Executive Strategy Director at Wolff Olins, added: “From the first moment we spoke to GSK, we understood they wanted to make a real statement – to their people and partners as much as to investors and the media. 

“It was time to bring to life GSK’s purpose and strategy and accelerate their culture.

“What excited me most about all this was the desire to elevate GSK’s brand identity beyond the usual pharma brands and make a category-defining shift – towards something that would appeal to world-class talent at the cutting edge of science and technology..”

Jessica Bigio, Executive Engagement Director at Wolff Olins, said: “In the spirit of getting ‘Ahead Together’, our collaboration with GSK has been about building one truly blended team, working across a huge array of global channels and assets with numerous agency and production partners.

“GSK has huge ambition and isn’t scared to try something new together, which makes this incredibly refreshing to be a part of.”