‘Grow Beautiful’ film for Davines champions Regenerative Organic Agriculture


Independent creative agency HarrimanSteel today launched ‘Grow Beautiful’, an artistic creative campaign for renowned sustainable beauty brand, Davines.

The film-led campaign showcases both the brand’s and the agency’s mission to redefine the beauty industry through environmental action.

Davines campaign

Going live today (3 April), the omni-channel strategy will see the film being rolled out across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn – with six different language versions created in order to maximise engagement globally.

Over the past 40 years, Davines’ unwavering commitment to sustainable practices has enabled it to become a leading ethical beauty brand, championing positive change throughout the industry.

Given its own impact-focused credentials, HarrimanSteel was perfectly positioned to partner on the brief, amplifying Davines’ experience to build advocacy within this field.

The campaign specifically seeks to raise awareness of the role Regenerative Organic Agriculture (ROA) can play within sustainable beauty.

By communicating how soil health is intrinsically linked to everything from plant health and human wellbeing to the future of our planet, ROA represents a positive, viable solution to tackling the climate crisis head-on.

Building on Davines’ recently launched ‘We Sustain Beauty’ brand platform (which outlines the brand’s ethical pledges), HarrimanSteel collaborated with French choreographer and dancer Fanny Sage to create a film with purpose.

It had to be as beautiful as it was powerful to bring the conversation into a new cultural space, and make it resonate with the discerning owners and clientele of Davines salons.

Featuring Sage’s mesmerising, emotive choreography in natural surroundings, the dance represents her personal interpretation of what it means to ‘Grow Beautiful’.

Evocative: New Davines film uses dance to convey ‘Grow Beautiful’ eco message.

Natural elements such as soil and sky became accompanying heroes of the film – dance partners alongside Fanny – a dance with nature, for nature.

The concept sees Sage born from the soil, then slowly beginning to grow and bloom alongside the greenery surrounding her.

The film highlights the fragile beauty of the natural world and is an optimistic rallying call to the rest of the beauty industry ahead of Earth Day later this month (22 April).

It also amplifies Davines’ core purpose – to foster a closer, healthier relationship between humans and nature.  

Nathan Dytor, Associate Creative Director at HarrimanSteel, said: “From the offset, Davines was keen to incorporate an artist collaboration into the Grow Beautiful campaign, to bring them more into the world of culture.

“For us, it was an exciting opportunity to shine a light on the enormous potential of ROA in a really creative way.

“When we visited their impressive 16 hectare European Regenerative Organic Center in Parma last year, we saw first-hand how genuine and long-term their commitment to positive change is.

“We’re proud to have been able to help Davines on this step of their journey to transform the future of the beauty industry for the better.”