Greenpeace campaign calls out Tories’ “Backwards Move” on green spending

Greenpeace backwards move campaign by daughter - mediashotz

Environmental group Greenpeace has today staged a billboard takeover in Manchester ahead of the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak’s, speech at the Conservative Party Conference. 

Created by Daughter, the campaign calls for Rishi Sunak to unlock green investment in his Spending Review and Budget later this month.

Greenpeace  – Backwards Move

The Backwards Move campaign aims to highlight to Conservative MPs and party members at the conference that decisions by the Treasury to block, scrap, water down and delay spending on green policies are detrimental to tackling the climate crisis, as well as job creation and the economy.

Daughter worked closely with the Greenpeace team on the creative strategy and creative concept to compel the Chancellor to invest in green initiatives. 

The campaign includes an activist billboard takeover pasted overnight prior to the start of the Conservative Party conference and four ad bikes strategically deployed in Manchester, as well as full-page broadsheet ads, social assets and conference flyers.

Love Sugar Science was brought on to handle media strategy in collaboration with Greenpeace.

Greenpeace Rishi by daughter - mediashotz
Climate action: Greenpeace takes aim at UK Chancellor ahead of Tory party conference.

The slick creative, which stretches across print ads, out of home, social GIFs and flyers boldly gets the message across that Blocking Green Spending Is a Backwards Move and depicts Sunak in a twisted backwards position. 

The flyers also contain punchy copy which delve into more detail and feature QR codes that allow readers to understand more on the issue.

Rich Newell, Co-Founder & Creative Partner at Daughter said of the campaign: “Daughter’s environmental work caught the eye of Greenpeace earlier in the year after backing our #StopFeedingDeforestation work for Mighty Earth. 

“It’s been a privilege to support them with such an important campaign as they look to put pressure on Rishi Sunak and The Treasury to invest more in green initiatives. A move that will ultimately cut emissions and create thousands of green jobs.”

Greenpeace UK’s political campaigner, Megan Randles, said: “Rishi Sunak doesn’t yet seem to have grasped the urgency of the climate emergency. 

“So far, the Chancellor has failed to deliver even a fraction of the required investment to green our homes, clean up our transport, restore nature and tackle the climate crisis. 

“And now the UK has fallen behind other G7 nations on green spending. 

“This upcoming Spending Review is his chance to right those wrongs – that means coughing up an extra £25bn of green investment per year.

“Instead of yielding to a vocal minority of MPs intent on delaying climate action, the Chancellor must listen to the vast majority of businesses, economic experts and the public to spend more on green investment now. 

“Hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created, less pollution, lower health care costs, warmer homes, less fuel poverty – and this is just a snapshot. We just need the Chancellor to invest now to get the ball rolling.”