‘Greek Warhol’ Tsiaras to stage SUPERDOT solo London show


Artist Philip Tsiaras is set to return to London for his latest solo exhibition “The Return of THE SUPERDOT: A Retrospective presented by Varvara Roza Galleries and The Blender Gallery. 

The retrospective exhibition will feature a historic survey of paintings by the prolific international artist, known as ‘The Greek Warhol’, and will run from 30 November to 23 December, 2022 at Gallery 8, 8 Duke Street St. James’s, London.

A full-length, hardback book titled “The SUPERDOT”, published by Key Books, will accompany the exhibition. 

The New York-based artist will attend the invitation only opening event on Wednesday 30 November.

SUPERDOT star: Philip Tsiaras at work.


The SUPERDOT is a series of highly detailed, colourful Dot Portraits depicting celebrated and powerful personalities from the fields of art, music, cinema, politics, fashion, and high society. 

The exhibition will include Tsiaras’s SUPERDOT paintings of cultural, royal, cinematic and musical icon including a new portrait of the late Princess Grace of Monaco (née Grace Kelly), which will be auctioned, unveiled and signed, at a charity gala in Monaco, by Prince Albert of Monaco on 12 November at Fairmont Monte Carlo. 

Monaco Royal: Iconic Princess Grace work will be signed by Prince Albert of Monaco.

Portraits from Musk to Trump

Also featured are new portraits of Elon Musk, Audrey Hepburn and George Michael as well as geopolitical portraits of political figures including Mao and Trump: “Chairman Mao with a Twist” and the “Trump & Putin Duet”, which combine two controversial characters in one Siamese-Twin inspired Super-dotted body.

Musk have: Tsiaras’ SUPERDOT work shown in stunning new work.

The Return of THE SUPERDOT is also a retrospective of Tsiaras’s dot-related works covering three decades of the use of the Dot, focusing on the artist’s personal obsession with the Horse as the primary subject. 

His idiosyncratic and heroic horses traverse time and stylistic trends resulting in a mosaic of articulated sensuality and personal eccentricity.

Philip Tsiaras is an award-winning contemporary artist of Greek origin, who lives and works in New York City. 

Since 1974 he has had more than 80 one-person exhibitions around the world from Seattle to Athens.

Tsiarias’s oeuvre covers a variety of art forms including painting, photography, ceramics, bronze, and glass sculpting.

His Dot technique is a unique marriage of Pop Art influences from 60s New York with art historical influences drawn from his Greek heritage.

Renowned Art Critic Donald Kuspit said of the artist: Tsiaras is, above all, ‘ancient blood in a modern organism’, raised and educated in an advanced American culture; assuming that “Mediterranean” is not only a geographic connotation but also way of understanding a complicated and mutable cultural dimension.”

The invitation only opening event, in collaboration with Club Vivanova Monaco, will take place on Wednesday 30 November, 2022, at Varvara Roza Galleries in Mayfair.