GRDF launches green gas campaign with Jamel Debbouze by Rosa Paris


Jamel Debbouze, best-known for his role as Lucien in Oscar-nominated film Amélie, has teamed up with French energy firm GRDF to support green gas in a new campaign by agency Rosa Paris.

The film features sharp dialogue and a comedic staging that matches its ambition: to accelerate the decarbonisation of France by drawing attention to green gas.

GRDF and Jamel Debbouze

What better way to capture the attention of a French audience than with a spectacular comedy led by one of their most beloved comedic personalities?

GRDF and its partners Coénove, France Gaz Renouvelables, Professional Gas Workers, and Rosa Paris have opted for a humorous approach in their new campaign to show that they are ready to do anything – well, a lot – to generate awareness with the general public about this energy of the future.

As Laurence Poirier-Dietz, General Manager of GRDF, said: “Given the climate emergency, decarbonisation is no longer an option and green gas is a vital asset. Our unique approach is to tackle this challenge with humor, conveying a serious message more lightly and with optimism.”

In the film, Jamel Debbouze arrives on set to shoot a commercial he accepted to make for green gas. Meeting with the director, he learns for the first time about the stunt he is expected to perform: a jump into the void, off a high diving board… a very high diving board, itself overlooking a cliff.

The actor, who rarely appears in ads, brings his distinctive vibrant energy, generosity, and personality to the role, delivering his lines with a contagious good humour uniquely his own to emphasise the importance of the issue.

“For us, the challenge was straightforward: to win the battle for attention in a context where green gas is seldom discussed”, said Gilles Fichteberg, Co-founder of Rosa Paris.

“We aimed high with a creative solution that blends engaging and informative content, bringing together top talent: directors, an ambassador, production, and partners.

“All of these elements come together in this exuberant film, which we believe has the potential to resonate as a pop-culture sensation.”

 Indeed, locally produced from agricultural waste and livestock emissions, green gas plays a crucial role in the French energy landscape, enabling a seamless transition to carbon neutrality and energy independence.

Today, the 674 Methanation plants installed in France have a combined production capacity of 12 TWh/year, the equivalent of the annual output of more than two nuclear reactors.

To raise awareness among individuals, businesses, and industries about the role of green gas in decarbonisation, GRDF, its partners and Rosa Paris launched a major advertising campaign, itself designed to respect the criteria of eco-responsible production.

Launched 28 April, the campaign includes a long-form film (3 minutes – above) along with shorter versions of 45s, 30s, and 20s, as well as two 15s films highlighting the equipment and uses of green gas.

It will be broadcast on TV + VOD + Digital + Social media platforms and other 360-degree formats.