Gorillas tweaks latest campaign to poke fun at partygate saga

popping off partygate by gorillas

Inspired by the No. 10 partygate scandal, a cheeky tactical print campaign for on-demand grocery delivery company Gorillas jubilantly declares Westminster Loves Popping Off.

Created by The Or agency, the timely full-age ads are strategically positioned in today’s (14.04.22) Metro and Evening Standard next to articles about Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and others breaching lockdown rules at a Number 10 birthday gathering for the Prime Minister.

Four photographs are pieced together showing the torso of a corpulent suited man along with a champagne glass, cork and exploding bottle of bubbly.

Partygate saga

The copy teases that there is no coincidence between the numbers of people in Westminster who ordered champagne from Gorillas and the ongoing partygate saga: Last year Westminster ordered 579% more champagne from us, than say, Lewisham did. Coincidence much?

Adding fuel to the partygate fire, a disclaimer in small print at the bottom of the ad reads: “Please “work event” responsibly.” 

The ad builds on Gorillas Whatever London Wants campaign, featured by Mediashotz last week, and which cleverly brings to life a year’s worth of data about Londoners’ grocery habits. 

Today’s tactical partygate ads are a foretaste of further irreverent Gorillas interventions to come.

Danny Barry, Head of Brand Northern Europe, Gorillas, said: “Part of the appeal of the Whatever London Wants campaign is that it allows us to tap into cultural moments that Londoners are talking about, and do so with humour, whilst always linking back to our core benefit: delivering groceries fast.”

The partygate saga may not yet be over, as media reports on Thursday suggested the Prime Minister could yet face more fines.