Google Shopping specialist Bidnamic bags three new accounts

bidnamic - mediashotz

Google Shopping specialist Bidnamic has today been awarded the Google Shopping accounts of Indian jewellery brand Candere, Leeds-based skate store Welcome Skate and e-commerce robe specialists 

Bidnamic won all three accounts through non-competitive pitches.

Prior to Bidnamic, Candere, Welcome Skate and all used Google Shopping’s Smart Shopping platform to manage campaigns. 


While Smart Shopping can help retailers achieve initial success, the tool’s ability to generate long term growth is limited as brands can’t access customer data and decide where marketing budgets are spent. With Candere, in particular, having over 20,000 SKUs on Google Shopping, managing bids and understanding what keywords to put against products is essential to managing ad spend and improving the position of products on the platform’s carousel.

Bidnamic will work in helping all three brands scale their business and improve their visibility on Google Shopping by providing access to performance data and search terms and growing the amount of sales generated on the platform.

The firm will be managing Welcome Skate’s Google Shopping campaigns in the UK, Candere in India, and in Ireland.

Liam Patterson, CEO and founder at Bidnamic said: “We look forward to working with Candere, Welcome Skate and Robes4you and helping all three companies build their businesses on Google Shopping. 

“With competition on e-commerce heating up during COVID-19, retailers are finding that CPCs are rising and that their ability to manage profits on Google Shopping is increasingly difficult. 

“However, by working with Bidnamic and using our AI model, retailers like Candere, Welcome Skate and Robes4you can ensure that they’re setting the right bid for every SKU and that campaigns are more efficient, effective and, most importantly, competitive.”