Good-Loop adopts SeenThis’ streaming tech to minimise carbon footprint


Ads-for-good platform Good-Loop today announced its partnership with adaptive streaming tech platform, SeenThis, to minimise the carbon footprint of its purpose-powered ad units.

The collaboration will see the B Corp-certified company gain access to SeenThis’ streaming technology across its display and video offerings, with the ability to optimise its creatives and delivery to eliminate data waste and minimise emissions.

SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology can reduce data transfer by up to 40% when compared to running a creative of corresponding quality using conventional technology; thereby helping brands and agencies to not only reduce the environmental cost of their digital campaigns but also make their ads load faster.

Good-Loop and SeenThis

The global partnership will make it possible for Good-Loop’s unique ad units to become streamable – including its Watch To Donate format, which motivates people to watch an entire ad online by allowing them to generate a free charitable donation at the end of each spot; and its This Ad Does Good ad unit, which rewards viewers’ attention by funding the likes of tree planting, coral reef restoration and ocean plastic clearing around the world.

The collaboration also marks the latest initiative from Good-Loop to make the ad industry more sustainable.

The carbon emissions generated by the purpose-powered ad platform’s campaigns are measured using its proprietary Green Media technology, which can be appended to any digital campaign and helps advertisers to track the carbon footprint of their digital ads in real time.

It also enables advertisers to avoid media partners that do not meet its sustainability targets.

Good-Loop CEO Amy Williams, said: “I am really excited about this partnership with SeenThis, which will make streamable ad units an option for our advertisers.

“Not only will it lead to a better experience for viewers, but it also aligns perfectly with our mission to create a more sustainable ad ecosystem – eliminating waste and reducing negative impact on the environment.”

Jesper Benon, CEO and co-founder of SeenThis, said: “Good-Loop shares our belief that we can create a fast internet with a smart footprint and a positive impact, thanks in no small part to adaptive streaming and segment-by-segment optimisation.

“With technological innovations such as these, advertisers no longer need to choose between quality or quantity, high-res or high speed, aesthetics or effectiveness.”

With 84% of advertisers worried the digital ad industry is not doing enough to tackle its environmental impact, Good-Loop has created a range of solutions designed to help advertisers reduce the carbon cost of their campaigns.

These include its open-source Carbon Calculator, and its Green Ad Tag, which enables marketers to measure the environmental impact of their digital advertising using a clear, customised dashboard.

Brands and agencies can then monitor and minimise the carbon generated across their entire programmatic supply chain and take action to reduce emissions by optimising creatives, improving the supply chain and investing in quality websites.